Sunday, April 26, 2015

In “Grexit”: IMF warns Athens before hyperinflation – THE WORLD

The “mirror” quoted according to a preliminary report from an internal document of the International Monetary Fund, after Greece in the case of euro-exit threatens hyperinflation. According to the IMF recommends the Greeks, release the exchange rate of their new currency and in no way to link to the euro.

the only way to the currency depreciate and strengthened the competitiveness of be. For this purpose, the government should set a specific inflation target in such a case, so will prevail over rate hikes.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble wants to possible preparations for a withdrawal of Greece (“Grexit”) from the euro-zone not comment. When asked if his company is developing a plan B in case the negotiations fail the euro partners with the government in Athens and slips the country into bankruptcy, Schaeuble said in Riga: “The question of alternatives should be responsible politicians not really ask. “

The fantasy was sufficient to imagine what could happen. If the question was answered in the affirmative by working on a plan B, it is clear then what happen. He replied “no” by not accepting the question of a Plan B.

But he also knew that this would be “no” not believed , The former Interior Minister drew a parallel to the preparations for the reunification after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. “If then a responsible Minister – I was one – would have said before, we have a plan for reunification, then the whole world would probably have said ‘. The Germans have gone completely mad’ “

Ancient not be reuniting with the problems in Greece comparable Schaeuble added after the meeting of the EU Finance Minister in the Latvian capital added.

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