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Helmut Markwort: Piëch bullying Winterkorn and violated decency and law – ABC Online

FOCUS Magazine | No. 18 (2015)
Saturday, 04.25.2015, 00:00 · FOCUS editor Helmut Markwort
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Monday The power struggle at Volkswagen has acted as an important football game.

Large headlines everywhere, and a television station ran his audience even vote – of course for a fee – who probably win the alleged duel: Martin Winterkorn and Ferdinand Piëch

<. p> To the detriment of winter grain was speculated publicly about possible successors. The “mirror” that had a week earlier splashed Piëch’s poison, said Winterkorn’s career ended.

Fortunately for the 200-billion-Group, the prophecy has not been fulfilled. In Salzburg, where Piëch had a home game, announced the Bureau of the Supervisory Board, Winterkorn was for the best VW boss.

His current contract until 2016 should even be extended. Winterkorn has thus won the power struggle, but Piëch has only half lost him. He has not been voted as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and you also do not seem persuaded him to resign. Reasons are plenty.

Piëch has violated the rules of decency and justice, and he has the company done serious damage. His cousin and Supervisory colleague Wolfgang Porsche has it mildly rebuked in public by pointing out Piëch’s distancing from Winterkorn was his private opinion.

In the body, he should have told him that he has disqualified himself as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The public criticism of the head of the company, without any coordination with the other 19 members of the Supervisory Board, is a gross violation of the provisions of company law. Ferdinand Piëch has violated the trust required.

loner Piëch has been listed as an autocrat. He has sown doubts in the company, the reputation of leadership damaged, scratched the share price and angered many shareholders. The login hopefully with plain text to word in the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 5, at least ten clock. The session can be dramatic!


genocide may be called genocide. This was taken for granted until yesterday in parliament not granted. In one application, which dealt with the murder of up to 1.5 million Armenians, Syrians and Pontic Greeks by the Turkish state 100 years ago, was the correct term “genocide” explicitly left out.

In particular, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier had prevailed that the crime was not named. The review is not for the federal government, but “the historian”, BelTA learned from the Foreign Office. Even on Sunday, Steinmeier in the ARD muses in one of his disguises declarations of Realpolitik and said, “Responsibility means not to reduce responsibility to a single term.”

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What he did not say he wants the not provoke Turkish government. But which is already annoyed by the debate in Germany, by the Pope and the governments of France and Italy. They all have clearly formulated that the Turks wanted to eradicate the Armenians.

Fortunately, many MPs from all political groups do not sign those regarded as diplomatic obfuscation text of the government. A riot was underway. But even before the ruling coalition organized against the government, helped a signal from the highest authority. German President Gauck let her know that he wanted to speak in a church service the term “genocide”. Now he is also at the request of the Bundestag. While not in the block, but at least as an insert. The elected representatives may agree facilitated without that they had to pass a test of character and mother.


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