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Greece: EU criticizes that SYRIZA Rich spares – SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Riga should turn bring: Until recently, it was hoped in many European capitals that the euro zone finance ministers at their meeting in the Latvian capital on Friday a comprehensive reform package the Greek Government and praise could share a part of the rescue billion that would end Athens unworthy search for the last nest egg for the time being. In the course of a week, all hopes were dashed: Only in background circles, then publicly declared EU officials, that there would be in Riga no reform list, no agreement and therefore no money – and instead: “A review of recent progress.” That’s for weeks, the Brussels code word for a halt.

The government in Athens has published a long list of reform proposals that have been the end of March, including a time schedule and corresponding revenue estimates. The once Troika institutions mentioned criticized as being too vague and largely unrealistic. What they actually expect the government Tsipras, remained in the dark. ?

Who is to blame for the lengthy Greek Crisis

This provides them with a criticism: “What do the institutions actually,” said James complained about Galbraith, American economist and adviser to the Athenian Treasury Giani Varoufakis. “I’ve seen a Greek list, but none of the institutions,” he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. Are the Europeans themselves to blame for the protracted crisis in Greece?

The representative institutions want then not let this lying down.

First, would have been delayed Tsipras’ government itself meaningful negotiations. For weeks we had not even the number base to estimate how much money could really bring that reform, says one. The Greek government refused to allow the representatives of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the IMF and ESM in their ministries. Consequently, the inspectors were long completely unaware what about Greece’s economic situation at all. The negotiations on specific reforms ran for only a few days.

In addition, the SYRIZA government go out of illusory growth figures. The 1.4 percent, which expects the Greek Ministry of Finance for this year were “fully inflated,” said a diplomat. This number is based but the whole program: The proposed tax increases bring the less, the weaker the economy is growing. And away with every day of uncertainty about a “Grexit” one short of the target.

Hunting and SYRIZA protects the oligarchs?

At the most painful for Tsipras ‘Government is but the assessment of their already adopted reforms. Which were partially antisocial than its conservative predecessor. The offer to pay off overdue tax debts in up to 100 installments, come many super rich to Good. A similar plan of vielgescholtenem of Tsipras predecessor Antonis Samaras had except at least the 6500 largest debtors

In parts of Greek society, but seems to make a difference. On Wednesday Leonidas Bobolas was briefly detained. He is the son of the media and contractor Giorgos Bobolas and one of those oligarchs SYRIZA had early declared war.

Bobolas is allegedly accused of revenue in the amount of 14 million euros not declared – it is said to have been on the so-called Lagarde list of tax evaders, which even the former French finance minister and current IMF head gave years ago the Greek government. Leonidas Bobolas is still at large, he is said to have been paid immediately but 1.8 million euros. Prior to his brother Fotis was asked several million to Checkout allegedly already.

Greek government officials are Germany’s fault

Christoforos Vernardakis, secretary general for the government coordination, told SPIEGEL ONLINE, the government fight the “myth that tax evasion in Greece a matter of small business is. This of course there are, but is not the main problem. ” In the oligarchs as Bobolas it go “to mythical dimensions of money that are out of the country”.

Would that make school Bobolas example, the institutions would be well satisfied. With suggestions you hold back though, as not to be perceived by the Greeks as a know-it-occupiers. But that Tsipras’s government has not set the systematic fight against tax fraud and the establishment of a land registry at the beginning of his reforms, nobody understands with the donors. In this prior mid-May an agreement is possible at the earliest.

In the Greek government to adopt its still optimistic and aggressive: “Among the leaders of the technical discussions between 80 and 90 percent agreed,” says Vernardakis – a rating that hardly anyone shares in Brussels. Dispute are only labor market reforms, which verfechte especially Germany. These are the core of a failed austerity, says the government coordinator. “Under no circumstances Greece will accept it. Chances are not even one in a million.”

If the federal government continues to insist on the reforms’ll Premier Tsipras require further EU summit, so Vernardakis. There, the hope of SYRIZA, Germany would then isolated with his attitude. If this should also fail, Tsipras could still called new elections – in the hope that it strengthened his party is clear.

summary Contrary to the hopes there will be no agreement in Riga to give billions in aid for Greece. Athens and his financial backers push each other to blame. The latter are missing from the left SYRIZA government reforms go the expense rich Greeks.


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