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German Bank separates from Postbank majority –

Date: 04/25/2015 00:25 clock

The German bank separates from its majority stake in Postbank. The Dax of the Group Supervisory Board decided this in a several-hour special session. The bank wanted to “reduce at least below 50 percent,” their share of the Institute.

The German bank releases its Postbank majority, seven years after its introduction to the Bonn Institute. The Supervisory Board of the company decided to change course in a several-hour special session, as the Frankfurter Money House announced.

Postbank will “deconsolidated”. This means that the institution holds open the type of separation. It is possible to complete a sale or the placement of larger blocks of shares on the stock exchange. The bank wanted to “reduce at least below 50 percent,” its stake in Postbank, said a German bank spokesman

Verdi. <- - Infobox!> Cleavage in the context of an IPO

The union Verdi said the Postbank should be eliminated as part of an IPO. The decision to bring “positive outlook” for the employees in the Group. Previously, hundreds Postbank employees who demonstrated outside the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Before the Post Bank headquarters in Bonn demonstrated by Verdi figures also 2,000 people for sale rumors. These were among the reasons for the labor dispute at Postbank, the smoldering there for months.

In the former Post subsidiary Postbank, the German bank had entered in September 2008. Two years later, Germany’s biggest money house secured the majority of the Institute. Finally, the German bank controlled 94.1 percent of the shares. The high expectations of the Postbank with its 14 million customers never fulfilled.

But no complete separation into two parts

For months had struggled over the future course of the Supervisory Board and Executive Board. It was also a spin-off of the entire retail banking for debate. A decomposition of Deutsche Bank in two parts – retail banking and investment banking – is now off the table. For the “blue” branches are to remain in the group. The Board decided to invest in the retail business under the brand German bank. Will be further expanded the transaction business for large customers.

Investment Banking has shops reduce

In addition, the investment banking must leave springs and reduce its business , The Group further announced that his international activities to concentrate more. Details will be announced Germany’s biggest money house on Monday.

The Schrumpfkur is a response to stricter capital requirements of Supervisors world. In addition, the German bank management hopes that a reduced universal bank may be permanently profitable again.

This subject reported the night magazine on April 25, 2015 at 01:00 clock.


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