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German bank process: prosecution sees “Tatplan” – tagesschau.de

Date: 28/04/2015 15:05 clock

It is the start of one of the most spectacular processes in the German economic history: In Munich, the co-head of Deutsche Bank, hinge plates, and four ex-top executives on trial – because attempted process fraud case Kirch. The indictment accuses them a common “Tatplan” before.

Under great media interest has begun in Munich, one of the most spectacular economic processes. The co-head of Deutsche Bank, Jürgen Fitschen, and four of his former colleagues from leadership of the banking house must answer before the appellate court for attempted fraud in the process Kirch process. Five bankers and 15 lawyers participated in the dock space – a DAX companies, never was there so prominently represented in court


So raises the prosecution Fitschen, its two predecessors Josef Ackermann and Rolf Breuer and two other former top managers tried before the trial scam: With a targeted deception they should have tried four years ago to ward off damages for the failure of the media group Kirch before the appellate court. The defendants had denied these allegations before the trial started.

Truth Adverse representation …

In the comprehensive 627 pages indictment is of a “Tatplan” the speech by the top bankers should have pursued through the legal department of Deutsche Bank and litigators. “The plan of the accused was to be fooled by an untruthful representation of actual events in the years 2001 and 2002, the Higher Regional Court of Munich and thus induce them already dismissed the claims stationary in space on its merits.” Because them that was not successful and the German bank was ultimately sentenced to pay damages, the prosecution is of attempted fraud process in a particularly severe case of


Leo Kirch had always the former Bank CEO Breuer and the German Bank for the bankruptcy of his company blamed until his death in 2011. Breuer had “killed” him with a public statement about the lack of creditworthiness of the Kirch Group. Kirch was convinced that the bank had pressured him to earn later by a consulting contract to rehabilitate his company – he wanted for damages

… and statements. denied?

In the trial before the Court of Appeal Breuer had assured the bank had no plans for an advisory mandate Kirch. When the judge questioned this view by the other managers are to be bound according to the indictment aside to impress the court with matching testimony. The statements should have been thoroughly discussed. “In individual interviews with the accused all been told what counts in testimony before the Court of Appeal,” it says in the indictment


“Not conclusive evidence “of hinge plates

Fitschen even though is not to have active testified falsely in court, but have supported his conduct line of his colleagues. He knew according to the indictment, that these have testified wrong, but nothing about it and not contributed by his arguments for enlightenment. “The accused Fitschen made at his hearing vague and not conclusive evidence,” according to the indictment.

16 hearing dates

for the process are tentatively scheduled 16 dates up to and including 22 September. The acting and former top managers must appear as a defendant in the criminal procedure in each case personally. For the accusation would if convicted of a criminal frame of six months to ten years into consideration.


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