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End of the Volkswagen power struggle: VW patriarch Piëch and wife cart … – ABC Online

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There is an unprecedented power struggle at the top of Volkswagen – and he has a new peak. First Loser: The auto-Patriarch Piëch. Despite his resignation, however, remains to be seen what has driven him to his attacks on VW boss Winterkorn.

Volkswagen Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Piech has lost the power struggle over Europe’s biggest carmaker Volkswagen. The 78-year-old put on Saturday with immediate effect from his position as head of VW controller down, like Volkswagen AG said in a mandatory notice to the financial world. Also Piëch’s wife Ursula Piëch is therefore its mandate on the supervisory body from.

Piëch’s representative on the Supervisory Board, Berthold Huber will, provisionally take over until the election of a new chairman of the management committee, as the Group also announced.

end of two weeks power struggle

In order for a about 14 days storage power struggle ends in the VW-tip. Two weeks ago Piëch had the “mirror” said he was “at a distance” for Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn. This moved the chief inspector of his long professional foster son from.

Until then, the 67-year-old Winterkorn Piëch’s successor had been traded on the tip of the Supervisory Board. With the dismantling by Piëch suddenly a question mark in front of Winterkorn’s future in the Group. As a result, Piëch but got himself under increasing pressure.

VW before the Christian era

The 78-year-old Piëch was in his previous role as Volkswagen major shareholder, longtime former VW chief executive and current board boss as a power center in Wolfsburg. With his resignation, the Group is facing a new era.

Up to Piëch’s abandonment, the tandem of Chief Controller and Executive Boss was considered a dream duo, the blind saw itself. With the dismantling by Piëch but then suddenly a big question mark before Winterkorn future of the Group.

On Friday last week, was the core of the Supervisory Board, the Bureau gathered for a crisis meeting in Salzburg – it was next Piëch and Winterkorn one of the party. The next day, the Bureau issued a statement that as a vindication of winter grain is read. Accordingly, it is the “best” CEO and next spring will even get another contract extension.

Piëch wanted to replace Winterkorn

This was clearly a smashing defeat for Piëch, who isolated in the six-member bureau for information of the German Press Agency before a majority of 5: 1 was against him ,

Last Thursday then reported the dpa, the NDR and the daily newspaper “Die Welt” in unison that Piëch trying to subvert the decision of the sextet. Accordingly, he worked behind the scenes on to the detachment Winterkorn, who would be selling before the Annual General Meeting on May 5 after Piëch’s will.

Huber: loss of confidence “will be captive”

Prime Minister of Lower Stephan Weil called the evening “the discussion of the past two weeks have been harmful to Volkswagen”. There had been a flurry of personnel debates. The Bureau had therefore need to create a “necessary clarity”. Similarly, the acting VW supervisory board chairman Berthold Huber commented. The last two weeks have led to uncertainty among employees of VW. “This uncertainty must now be terminated.”

Huber: “The development of the last two weeks has led to a loss of confidence between the Supervisory Board Chairman and the other committee members, who proved to be not solvable in the last days . has “Asked about the future management culture at VW Huber said:” I have no set plan, otherwise you might impute to me a letter of intent. Our aim was to vacate the conflict out of the way “

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