Thursday, April 23, 2015

Economic Crime in the home VW: How Piëch intrigues against Winterkorn spins – NEWS


 Thursday, April 23, 2015


 In two weeks, the Annual General Meeting is at Volkswagen. Silence is not versa in the boardroom of Europe’s largest carmaker. On the contrary, VW patriarch Piëch tried with new intrigues, Martin Winterkorn get rid


There are ingredients of Economic Crime, which is extraordinarily exciting, even for VW ratios. On stage the showdown for the leadership of the group is hardly discharged. But behind the scenes, it continues. In focus:. The Porsche and Piëch families – and the professional future of VW CEO Martin Winterkorn

The newest Nudes: Piëch tried before the VW Annual General Meeting on May 5 ways of settling Winterkorn to explore and still emerge victorious from the crisis of leadership, as the German Press Agency learned. Also, the NDR and the “world” reported on it.

Piëch advertised accordingly on Wednesday at a meeting in Stuttgart to help protect the Porsche clan. The Porsche and Piëch families together hold more than half of the votes in Europe’s largest carmaker. Piëch was thereby brought two candidates for winter grain successor to the game, it was said: Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller or Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland

In the afternoon came the denial Piëch. “We have spoken out last week . And agreed on cooperation. Do not operate the replacement of Martin Winterkorn, “the chairman of the board was offset primarily by the” image “and other media report.

Is Piëch isolated?

That’s the time being recent high point of the discussion in the Wolfsburg-based group, since Piëch let them know via “mirror” on April 10: “I am to distance Winterkorn.” A sentence that shook the internal balance of power and led to a crisis meeting of the inner leadership circle in Salzburg. It failed the VW patriarch. 1: 5 There was in the question of power. The next day, the six-member board announced: Winterkorn was the “best” CEO, his running until the end of 2016 contract should be renewed. A setback for Piëch.

If the 78-year-old now failed in its attempt to promote detachment winter grain? If he is isolated in the inner guide? If he can not get on his line, the major shareholder family? Then there is some evidence. For his cousin Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Porsche family, had already called the attack Piëch early April as “private opinion”.

VW works council boss Bernd Osterloh and Prime Minister of Lower Stephan Weil, both in the VW supervisory board, stressed on Thursday saying it was the decision of the six-member Supervisory Bureau from last week. Piëch’s denial is seen by stakeholders as an attempt at damage control

What Piëch Winterkorn

Piëch is.? – Have failed with a new plot against winter grain – like a week ago. His plan was apparently to draw the Porsche family on its side in a first step. Since the new power play behind the scenes became public, it was now but had no alternative but to deny the public.

The fact that Porsche could strike at the end of Piëch’s side, was seen by insiders as the only way been, but even to drive a wedge into the alliance per Winterkorn. For the family clan holds the majority in Volkswagen. “It would be hard to imagine that a chief executive hold against the will of the largest shareholder could,” says one who is these days close.

More about

The motivation Piëch remains unclear. For his break with Winterkorn, there must be reasons. According to inside information, the crisis meeting in Salzburg revolved around the question of whether Winterkorn was the right person, Volkswagen in the coming years to lead the world leaders and to place the next seed for the success of the future. Now are actually Piëch’s doubts vanished? Is it no longer “to distance Winterkorn”

On May 5, the VW shareholders gather at the general meeting in Hanover – rarely a shareholder meeting is expected with such power. For the day before the next regular Board meeting is scheduled.



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