Friday, April 24, 2015

Crisis Deutsche Bank – For the hedge – Sü

The German bank is facing dramatic restructuring. Now, of diffuse allegations against Board Anshu Jain loud. Whoever has launched the rumors – Jain is to be prevented as the sole bank chief.

Comment by Ulrich Schäfer

On a coincidence, no, it should not be believed. Since meeting in Frankfurt before the Board and the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank. It is about the future of the most important German banking house – and at the same dive, launched by any snipers in the media a story on where it comes to shady deals with so-called pollution permits to new knowledge in a complex case, the details not matter do. The decisive factor is only one message: Anshu Jain, one of the two heads is allegedly affected by internal e-mails. That too.

For the other chief executive, Jürgen Fitschen, also has legal problems. He stands on Tuesday in one of the most spectacular economic processes in Munich in court. It’s about the no less complicated bankruptcy case of the media entrepreneur church and the dubious role of the Bank in this case.

Crisis at Deutsche Bank That too

There are days of fate for the German Bank: Before the protest headquarters staff of Postbank, on the 34th floor, the guide will decide on the new strategy, one of the chiefs must in court. And now comes nor the other boss in distress. Analysis

Whether the allegations against Jain agree or not, you will contribute to the dual leadership of the Bank continues to weaken – a double peak, which has its hands full with the proclaimed by her cultural change. Jain would, so it assume many like to lead the bank alone, when the 66-year-old Fitschen retires. But this will only work if the prosecutors do not even investigate it. The snipers have their judgment in any case already like: you want to stop Anshu Jain



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