Monday, April 27, 2015

12.5 billion euro profit: Apple continues to grow strongly –

Date: 28/04/2015 04:18 clock

Apple has provided very positive results for the first three months of the year again: The equivalent of some € 12.5 billion profit reported the computer giant. . Especially good running business with iPhones and iMacs

Who prepares Records, later also measured – and the previous quarter was not only for Apple the most successful in company history – the group had ever run in with the equivalent of 16.5 billion euros, the highest quarterly profit of a listed company. But the busy Christmas there is only once a year: The numbers fell, this time a bit smaller, but could yoy still be seen: Converted to 12.5 billion euros of profit, a third more than in the same period last year

iPhones and Macbooks went well, poor sales on the iPad

biggest driving force was further iPhone: More than 60 million items, Apple from January to March sold 40 percent more than last year. Also, the Mac is running well: While the overall PC market is shrinking, Apple could iMacs and Macbooks ten percent more than the year before sale. The sales figures for the iPad continue to decline 12.5 million units went on to customers, compared to last year one-fifth less

delivery problems at the Apple Watch

<. p class = "text-small"> Which of course is still missing in this balance, the sales figures for the Apple Watch, which was launched in April are. At the moment, customers complain about delays. You can not take away from the Apple Store, but only order the clock – with waiting times of several weeks

In the telephone conference to the balance sheet figures Apple said dry CEO Tim Cook on the question of analyst: “The demand exceeds supply.” But Apple working to change that. The company was the first weekend and more customers are able to supply the clock than expected and was able to reduce waiting times for some orders already. With each new product it would last a while until the production run at full speed.

By the end of June, Apple wants to get these problems under control. Then to go to other countries in the sale the clock.


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