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Tsipras in Berlin – “Neither the Greeks are lazy, nor are the Germans … – Sü

  • After his first official visit to the Chancellor’s Office tried Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to reassure the Germans. The tone is friendly and he promises reforms
  • Also fighting over a forced loan and reparations from the Nazi era moderates Tsipras the sound clearly.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled her guest Meanwhile, although cautious support, but concrete commitments they just want to make in the round of Euro-partner.

Advertising at the inaugural visit

During his first visit as head of government in Germany Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras the federal government has offered a new form of cooperation. “We need to better understand us,” Tsipras said on Monday during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “There is no other way than dialogue to overcome existing difficulties.”

At the same time he warned both sides against further recriminations. “Neither the Greeks are lazy, yet the Germans are to blame for the ills and abuses in Greece. We need to work hard to overcome this terrible stereotypes.” At the same time Tsipras promised also promised “comprehensive structural reforms.” Greece had failed in the past five years to solve its own problems. “There are also internal causes of the enormous crisis in Greece. We need to get a new policy mix to eliminate these evils.”

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Merkel and Tsipras at a joint press conference at the Chancellery.

(Photo: dpa )

It is therefore time for a major structural reform in Greece to combat tax evasion and corruption, so Tsipras on. Greece wants to meet its obligations. He would also prevent a split in the euro zone, the Greek Prime Minister. “We are determined to find a solution.” The meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was this important.

reassurance in the dispute over historical debt and debt

The debate on reparations and a forced loan from the period of the Third Reich tried the Greek head of government to bring some peace. If it were “not a substantive claim in the first place” against Germany more Tsipras said. In the same context, a closure of the German Goethe Institute in Athens’m not up for debate. “You can forget that simply does not apply,” he said to relevant considerations in the Greek Parliament and the Cabinet.

Greek Crisis Tsipras searches Merkel’s close

After stinky fingers and other disputes visited the Greek Prime Minister for the first time the Chancellor in Berlin. And probably has an unwanted gift here. Overview

Tsipras also made it clear that the debate on reparations a “purely bilateral issue”, which is about an “ethical review” go. With the current debt crisis and the search for solutions at EU level, hang it up “together not”. The democratic Germany of today have “nothing to do with the Germany of the Third Reich, which has cost so much bloodshed,” he emphasized

Basic support -. But no commitments

Chancellor signaled in return their willingness to establish a Development Bank to support Greece. When help was wanted, could you talk about Merkel said after the meeting. Specific commitments but she could not do that.

Merkel insisted that it was located at a trusting relationship with the new Greek Prime Minister. In view of the upcoming payments of additional funds to Greece she renewed her position that the appropriate decisions must fall within the relevant European bodies such as the Euro group. “I can not make or Greece satisfied in view,” Merkel said.

Tsipras’s visit to Berlin Nothing but trouble in Athens

Premier Tsipras makes nice weather in Berlin, while his Greek Government in the rain. Now they must also implement reforms they once condemned. Report


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