Sunday, March 22, 2015

Too many strikes: Shareholders want cockpit throw from the Lufthansa Supervisory Board – ABC Online

Sunday, 22.03.2015, 12:49 pm
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After four days, pilots’ strike at Lufthansa Sunday initially strike break. However, the breather for passengers should not take long. Aktionaersschuetzer want the union therefore distribute the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa.

In light of the ongoing pilot strike at Lufthansa Aktionaersschuetzer’s withdrawal from representatives of the pilots’ union Cockpit demanded from the Lufthansa Supervisory Board.

“The measure of shareholders is full,” the newspaper said the chief executive of the German association for ownership of securities, Marc Tüngler, “Bild am Sonntag”. The cockpit claims were “no longer employable”, neither the owners nor among customers and “in the population long gone.”

The union had “completely shot to the sidelines,” said Tüngler the sheet. The cockpit representatives would have to decide: “They can not sit on one side of the Supervisory Board and be so committed to the company’s interests and secondly massive act against Lufthansa and cripple the operation.” As a consequence, he called for a withdrawal from the Supervisory Board – “and immediately”

normalization over Sunday

The four-day strike by Lufthansa pilots for the time being gone end at midnight.. The largest German airline strives for a normalization of flight operations over Sunday. On Saturday, the airline had to cancel 74 of the planned 160 long-haul routes, such as a company spokesman in Frankfurt reported. More than 20 000 passengers were affected.

Tuesday possibly new strike

possible further strikes by pilots there was no information, neither Lufthansa nor in the pilots’ union Cockpit. The tariff expert of the union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), Ilona Ritter, had announced to announce possible further strikes as far with a lead time of 24 hours. However, no solution to the stalled labor dispute with the cockpit personnel becoming apparent after four days of strike.

On Monday could breather be over: “On the merits, there is no progress, we want to keep up the pressure. “said a VC spokesman on Saturday. The labor dispute could well be continued during the Easter holidays: “With kid gloves not the way forward.”

The biggest point of contention in the labor dispute, the early retirement rules for the approximately 5,400 pilots who are paid by the Group collective agreement. The union sees their demands are not met, and demands that future pilots benefit from enterprise-funded early retirement.

The next labor dispute at Lufthansa is with the union Verdi, which negotiates on Monday on the income of around 33 000 Lufthansa employees on the ground. Verdi will explicitly not talking about occupational pensions, Lufthansa wants to reform urgently because of their high cost. This point is also among pilots and cabin crew dispute

. Video: Behind the pilot’s announcement, an engine failure insert

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