Monday, March 30, 2015

The mailing threaten strikes before Easter – Südwestpresse

The labor dispute between German Post and Verdi is getting worse. Numerous letters and parcels could stay at Easter on the line.

Because of the collective dispute Deutsche Post with the Verdi union could wait many customers at Easter in vain for their packages. Verdi will call its members from 1 April to nationwide strikes in the logistics group, said the union. You mean to their demand for reduction in working hours without loss of pay vigor. “More smoke grenades at the negotiating table, we do not need,” said Verdi negotiator Andrea Kocsis.

Management of Deutsche Post has, however, there had already been submitted to a broader concept of the working week. “There is therefore out of the negotiations is absolutely no reason for strikes,” said Post-Human Resources Manager Melanie circle. The next trial date had been scheduled for April 14 in Berlin, the social partners. The post assumes that there will be announced by the strikes “to delay individual shipments.” “You can never completely prevent the impact,” said spokesman Dirk Klasen post. When and where strikes are to take place, Verdi will announce at the last minute

Verdi asks for information on their 140,000-rate employees of Deutsche Post a shortening of the working week of 38.5 hours to 36 hours -. At without loss of pay. This looks like the post as “sticking point” on. “We can not accept that,” said Klasen. Especially since you do not know what would demand Verdi from starting off in the latest two months wage bargaining. The wage agreement of the tariff-workers expires at the end of May.

background of the conflict is that the company is planning to outsource the parcel delivery in 49 regional companies and pay them worse than before. The union announced an action before the Labour Court Bonn. By transferring a permanent job is, according to the Post, especially employees who have been temporary contracts at the parent company, are also provided.


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