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Suspicion of corruption in construction company – Bilfinger to bribes for World Cup … – Sü

  • Bilfinger had, according to a media report paid bribes of more than 20 million euros in Brazil local politicians and FIFA officials before the 2014 World Cup.
  • An internal suspicion had hardened, according to a spokesman Bilfinger.
  • The transactions fall into the time when Roland Koch stood at the head of the group.
  • The Fifa has denied the allegations .

Bilfinger allegedly paid kickbacks for contracts at WM

The Mannheim construction Bilfinger should have paid large bribes for contracts for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The more than 20 million euros, which appears to a large order should be secured were flowed over the Bilfinger subsidiary Mauell, reports the Bild am Sonntag .

Group studies initiated

The Group had confirmed on inquiry that studies of two accounting firms as well as a law firm in Brazil have confirmed the suspicion of corruption in principle, according to the report continued. “If the allegations proven true, Bilfinger is personnel sanctions and initiate legal action,” the paper quoted a company spokesman. The company had received appropriate internal references last year and launched an investigation, which was still ongoing.

Roland Koch at the top management

The operation falls within the period when former CDU -Politiker and Hessian Prime Minister Roland Koch CEO at Bilfinger was. The paper said the bribe of Bilfinger subsidiary Mauell should have flowed to Brazilian local politicians and leaders of the football organization FIFA. Bilfinger Mauell has equipped the twelve World Cup host cities in Brazil traffic control centers with a total of 1500 video walls and software. The central coordinated operations of the police, emergency services and fire.

Fifa wants to have had no effect

The Fifa has rejected the allegations according to the report. “The traffic control and security centers in the twelve host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup was a project of the local governments. Neither FIFA nor its employees were involved in the awarding of contracts of the host cities or the Federal Government,” it said in a statement.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said, however, in an interview in a different context, the Fifa was socially influential than any religion.

Bilfinger paid penance for corruption in Nigeria

Daily Look .de noted that Bilfinger in 2013 had to pay in the United States in connection with a corruption case in Nigeria, a fine in the amount of 23.3 million euros. In 2003, in addition to a US-based employees of Bilfinger representative of a state oil company had bribed for a pipeline project.


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