Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shortly before talks with EU: Fitch lowers rating on Greece again – Reuters

Just before talks on a Greek action list in Brussels lowers the rating agency Fitch, the credit rating of Greece to B

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Athens The rating agency Fitch, the credit rating of the euro broke threatened State Greece downgraded. The credit will now rated CCC, Fitch said on Friday. So far, Greece stood up as Fitch pointed to justify the fact that the country is largely cut off from the capital markets. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the international creditors on time freeing up new grants. The confidence of investors, consumers and savers is damaged. That was nearly stopped by security, the economic recovery.

Greece is held by its euro partners and the International Monetary Fund over water since 2010. The country urgently needs additional help. However, as a condition creditors demand reforms. A long-awaited list of projects submitted by the Greek Government, according to a euro-zone representative of a Friday. The delay, however, have damaged the confidence of investors and savers. “It will take time to undo the damage again, even if the prospects improve on a successful program in the next few days or weeks,” it said in the statement of Fitch.

Last year, the agency had like their other two big rivals Moody’s and Standard & amp; Poor’s raised its ratings even after the Greek economy attracted after six years of recession

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