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Plane crash in Live TickerAus personal reasons: German Wings crews … – ABC Online

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23.56 clock: Maischberger asks: Run ? 29 € to poorly trained pilots and defective machine

Lauda is sure: In Europe all technical requirements are met and controlled. In addition, pilots are trained to the highest standard. Thereof should be assumed even in low-cost airlines. . This is in Asia but sometimes different

Handwerg this looks a bit more critical: is his opinion as representatives of the pilots that increasing responsibility for security would be transferred to the airlines. So companies are very international, which is why the authorities sometimes do not know who was responsible. Pilots would have to work with cheap models, for example, as a false self-employed

23:43 clock. Jörg Handwerg defended by the pilots’ union Cockpit his colleagues repeatedly against the charge of pilot error. There are many design flaws of machines that make it difficult to control the flyer for the pilots

23.34 clock. Niki Lauda thinks back to the time after the crash of the Lauda Air flight 004 in 1994, in which 233 people died. It was “the worst time of his life.” Above all, he had at that time can not believe that any other airlines simply flew without knowing the reasons for crashing his Boeing 767-300. Therefore, he also hopes crash in the current German Wings machine that you can quickly find a cause and could react quickly if a technical defect would be based.

23.28 clock: Pilot Handwerg calls on mash question Bergers major weaknesses of the Airbus A320. The aircraft had suffered at the following philosophy: “We need to protect the aircraft prior to the pilot.” They wanted to prevent human error. Therefore shall every command that gives the pilot, only checked by the computer and then passed on to the system. Unfortunately, however, engineers see not infallible and could not remember anything in the design of an aviator, says

Another is sometimes problematic philosophy for Airbus. “The pilot must not know much, he just has to know how to use it “ This could also be in certain situations be a hindrance

23.18 clock. A reporter on the scene reported in the mission.” People and Politics “that there are many wolves in the area around the crash. “Tonight is little happen,” said the reporter on. Helped to stage currently on the arrival of nationals

23.17 clock. In the program “People and Politics” is also spoken about the communication received by the pilot crash shortly before the should have stopped. “The radio message Mayday is the highest level. In this case, it is said to have traded a PAN PAN urgency signal” says Jörg Handwerg (Vereinigung Cockpit e. V.). This will deposed by radio and would have to land in air traffic control. “From these circles you can hear that it had actually given a signal. Sources at the airline, however, is to hear the opposite,” he said.

23.08 Clock: Some of the members shall be located on their way to the scene, as Sandra Maischberger announced on her show

<. p> 23.05 Clock: Bernd Gans has lost his then 31-year-old daughter in a plane crash. In the program “People and Politics” he said of today’s crash of the German Wings Machine: “The tragedy for the families, I can empathize very well.” The support of his family had at the time most helped him

<. p> 22.54 Clock: The pilots of downed German Wings machine were the flying experts Niki Lauda believes may be incapacitated. “Eight minutes are in such a state insanely long. That’s why I am surprised that none of the pilots talked to the flight control,” the former airline chief said on Tuesday evening in the ORF news program “ZIB2″.

“That’s the big question: why the pilots were not able to sign up,” Lauda, ​​who himself experienced pilot said. The two pilots were obviously surprised by a problem that they have been incapacitated.

The Airbus was on the flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf shortly after reaching cruising altitude of 38,000 feet a descent gone over and crashed eight minutes on a mountain in southern France.

22.52 clock. Among the casualties of the Airbus crash in southern France is next to the opera singer Oleg Bryjak also an opera singer from Dusseldorf The contralto Maria Radner was among the passengers of the Airbus A320 that crashed on Tuesday morning shortly after takeoff in Barcelona in the French Alps, such as the opera announced in Barcelona in the evening. Born in Dusseldorf singer was accompanied accordingly by her husband and her baby.

The 54-year-old native Kazakh and the 33-year-old Radner had been for a guest performance at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​where she Richard Wagner’s “Siegfried” sang. Radner had already sung at the New York Met and La Scala in Milan. Also in London’s Royal Opera House and other top names of the opera world, she performed

22.42 clock. This image shows the Aviation labeling machine.

22.37 Clock: Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt is at the accident site. Compared to the “daily news” he said, “It is a dramatic accident. It shows a terrible picture. The crash site is littered with wreckage parts. There are very small parts. “The experts would now working to determine the cause of the accident. . “You can not speculate here, that would be wrong,” said Dobrindt

22.29 Clock: The CEO of German Lufthansa AG, Carsten Spohr, also said in the “daily news”: “The sight of the crash site was deeply upsetting. We are in deep shock and grief “to the cause of the accident, he said:”.. We will not engage in speculation “experts and authorities were on site to investigate the accident.” We are very pleased that the first flight recorders found could I assume that we will quickly get initial information about the cause of the crash . “, says Spohr further

22.26 clock.” The plane was in excellent technical state “, also says the CEO of German Lufthansa AG, Carsten Spohr in the” daily news “

In Video:. People are global share

22.25 Clock: The German Wings CEO Thomas Winkelmann said in “heute journal” that his him no technical problems on the machine been known Technicians Lufthansa had the plane like. usually maintained and did not identify any deficiencies

22.02 clock. rain, maybe even snow: Bad weather could rescue work difficult in addition to the hard to reach the crash site of the Airbus A320 in the French Alps The weather service Meteo France counted for the night with occasional rain and a temperature around 4 degrees Celsius in the nearby town of Prads-Haute-Bléone. The service La Chaine Météo even expected some snow. Also on Wednesday it would occasionally rain

21.55 clock. After the failure of several German Wings flights with many affected passengers cots are at Dusseldorf airport situated. “We create from airport side some accommodations,” a spokesman for the airport the German Press Agency said late Tuesday night.

Whether the cots be used or affected passengers were accommodated by the airline in hotels, but can not yet be said. How many cots are set up, the spokesman did not say. Employees of German Wings were diligently to rebook it. “The airline is doing its best,” stressed the airport spokesman.


German Wings: 0800-11335577

Foreign Office: 030-50003000

Airport Dusseldorf / Munich: 0800-7766350

21.43 Clock: After contact with the German Wings machine is broken, should according to information from the TV station BFMTV were looking for a French Mirage 2000 fighter plane immediately after the plane. The military jets have but can not find any trace

21.25 clock. A spontaneous change their travel plans has saved Swedish footballer’s life: The crew of the third division Dalkurd FF from Borlänge was posted to the German Wings flight, which crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday. Just before the departure of the machine, the kicker but decided that they would last stay in Dusseldorf too long. They changed their travel plans and finally got into planes that flew over Zurich and Munich to Sweden.

“We were supposed to be on board this aircraft,” said sports director Adil Kizil the newspaper “Aftonbladet” overlooking the crashed Airbus A320. “There were four planes that took off at about the same time and to the north crossed the Alps. In three of them players sat by us. We can say that we are very, had very good luck.”

The team returned on Tuesday after a visit to Catalonia finally safely back to Sweden. “To all who have tried in the past few hours to reach us: We are home and we are doing well,” goalkeeper Frank Pettersson wrote in the online service Twitter. “May the victims rest in peace.” Dalkurd FF is a Swedish-Kurdish club. He is supported by Kurds in the world.

The German Wings Airbus crashed en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf on Tuesday morning in the French Alps. All 150 passengers, including 67 German, came to the authorities killed

21.09 clock. Dismayed deep Pope Francis responded to the air disaster in the south of France. The families of many victims, including children, he assure its proximity, it said on Tuesday night in a document signed by Cardinal Secretary of State telegram to the Bishop of Digne, Jean-Philippe Nault. Francis pray for the dead and entrust them to the mercy of God, “so he receives in his kingdom of peace and light.” The relatives he assured his deep compassion and also thanked the police, who worked under difficult conditions. All of you should give the Lord strength and comfort, closes the message

20.43 clock. Lufthansa has confirmed the report that some German Wings crews have not entered service on Tuesday. you would have called but purely personal reasons, said a spokeswoman for Lufthansa in Frankfurt. The concern that something was wrong, no one has called. How many people these were and where airports, was initially unclear. The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit was not known that crews had refused to fly.

20.40 Clock: Apparently, one of the German students from NRW almost missed the flight: she had her passport in the bedroom of the host families were left. How “Mirror.co.uk” reported her was the only noticed at the station. In order not stop the group have their host family subsequently moved to the passport to the airport. So they wanted to prevent them missed the flight

20.32 clock. Germanwings and Lufthansa employees lay outside the headquarters of German Wings in Cologne Flowers and candles down

20.07 Clock: at Tegel Airport fell on Tuesday also German Wings flights to Nuremberg, Cologne / Bonn, London, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen and Stuttgart – as well as flights from Cologne / Bonn and Dusseldorf . This is clear from the flight table on the internet. In Leipzig / Halle flights from Cologne / Bonn and Stuttgart have been canceled, such as an airport spokesman Uwe Schuhart said. German Wings has to yet to comment. Also in Barcelona were many German Wings flights being canceled or delayed, says Ann-Kristin G. FOCUS Online. “More than 500 people in the waiting area, we get no information.”.

19.53 Clock: The used of France ten helicopters have to search at the crash site of Germanwings machine set after dark for the night. You should start its flights after sunrise again, to share with the authorities. In the extremely difficult to reach the crash area in the Alps had helicopters previously done five gendarmes for the night , says a police lieutenant colonel.

How does a black box

19.34 Clock: The misfortune machine was yesterday in the so-called AOG mode in Dusseldorf on ground, reports “Spiegel Online”. There had been a problem with the “Nose Landing Door”, the Lufthansa confirmed to the magazine. Here is the cover for the nose wheel. Irregularities had been but completely resolved, so that the aircraft in regular flight service was on the road again since yesterday morning, confirmed a Lufthansa spokeswoman for ABC Online.

In Dusseldorf, German Wings machines remained on Tuesday at the bottom, which is considered by FOCUS online information for flights from Cologne-Bonn Airport. The passengers were informed that the crews had withdrawn. They wanted to talk about their Fluguntauglichkeit, the magazine reported on. There is “in fact German Wings crews who could not take up their positions for personal reasons today,” said a Lufthansa spokesman for “Spiegel Online”

19.27 clock. A French journalist tweets a new photo of the crash site:

19.24 Clock: The radio reporter Ann-Kristin G. Radio Neandertal is the airplane accident in France narrowly escaped. As the 21-year-old told ABC Online, she was privately with her boyfriend in Barcelona, ​​when choosing the two, instead of lunch machine but to take the evening flight. The young couple wanted to have a few hours longer look at the Spanish city.

In an interview with FOCUS Online the young woman criticized the conditions at the airport in Barcelona. Even the counter staff was extremely shocked when she saw that the couple still fly with German Wings. “But here also, as always, no charge,” she criticized

19.18 clock. France will oversee the arriving members of the victims of the German Wings crash near the south-eastern France crash site. The Minister of the Interior announced Bernard Cazeneuve. The competent Prefecture and other state services would provide the evening to accommodation and psychological assistance to members

19.10 clock. ProSieben and Stefan Raab announce that “TV total” – to cancel the Tuesday edition. Guests should have Sido singer and actor Farih Yardim. Instead episodes of the series “Fringe” will be added to the program. In a communication Raab is cited as “Unfortunately, there are days when there is nothing to laugh about.”

The Video These are the first pictures of the crash site

19.07 clock: Lufthansa’s claims to be so far away from that it is in the crash negotiated a disaster. Any other theory would be speculation, the Lufthansa manager Heike Birlenbach says in Barcelona. At the 30-minute delay Airman there has been no information. A spokesman for the airport Barcelona will give ABC Online no information about the cause

19.02 clock. The Spanish first division club FC Valencia expresses his sorrow for one of the two German teachers from NRW, who was with the performance Spanish course on the way back from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. The woman was in the misfortune machine and is considered a great admirer of the club – she left the club to play behind

18.55 Clock: The salvage. of the bodies is difficult. Television pictures show how rescuers climb through the steep terrain. The dead are transported by helicopters. The crashed Airbus was smashed against rocks and shattered into a thousand fragments, spread over roughly two square kilometers.

18.48 Clock: The CEO ended the conference and references for further details on Wednesday. It can no questions are asked – neither to a possible survivors still for cause of the crash

18.47 clock. “Unfortunately, and with great sadness that I have to confirm that from on board 144 people and including a school class holders (in NRW) with 16 students and two teachers were, “says German Wings CEO Winkelmann

18.45 clock. Still can not definitive nationalities of the victims are posted – the company was still at the consultation with the travel agencies

18.44 clock: German Wings CEO Winkelmann occurs again before the press

.. 18.40 Clock: Among the victims of the crash also the woman Oriol Junqueras’ politician is the Catalan party ERC are located. This was reported by Spanish side “20minutos.es”, citing party circles

18.35 clock. The bass baritone Deutsche Oper am Rhine, Oleg Bryjak (54), is among the victims of the Airbus crash. This was announced by the Düsseldorf Opera. Bryjak’ve been on the flight back from a stint at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​where he sang the Alberich in Richard Wagner’s “Siegfried”. Bass-baritone was a member of the ensemble since the 1996/97 season. General Director Christoph Meyer to the relatives of the artist his sympathy: “We have lost with Oleg Bryjak a great artist and a great man, we are stunned..”

18.27 Clock: In Spain, the members of the Spanish passengers have submitted DNA samples. To the victims of the crashed A320 should be identified. Are on board the machine 45 Spaniards have been

18.15 clock. Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) have arrived in Marseille. They flew by helicopter to the scene of the accident

18.05 clock. A resident of the area said “LaProvence.com” to the crash: “It is located 800 meters away from the place, came down to the February an avalanche – while a man was killed addition, a glider is shattered at the same place a few years ago..”

18.00 Clock: Mayor of the North Rhine-Westphalian city of holders at the lake, Bodo Klimpel, out of the 16 students of a Spanish course of 10 cohort and two teachers of the school were sitting on the plane, seen visibly shocked. The struggling with the tears mayor speaks of the “darkest day” in the 725-year history of the city

17.50 clock. Now also confirmed by the French Ministry of the Interior that the flight recorder was found. It should be studied today. Flight recorder – the so-called black boxes – is it two different recording devices: the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. The flight data recorder stores all the technical data of the last 25 hours a day – from the flight altitude above the speed and course until the engine power

The voice recorder records the conversations of the pilots and all other sounds in the cockpit -. As a rule, however, only the last half hour, then old data is deleted. Thus, the disk crash, high temperature and high pressure water to survive, they are protected by a steel jacket. In order to easily find the black box that is usually orange in reality after a disaster, it emits an audible signal. The battery lasts about a month. Small aircraft often have no box

17.45 clock. This image of the crash site clearly shows the crater which the impact generated at high speed. Also, you can see smoke billowing

17.35 clock: Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said during a press conference: “There is little hope that there are survivors.” Transport Secretary Alain Vidalies added: “Currently, We have not found any. “The force of the impact’ll hardly hope. Nevertheless, everything possible would be done to save those who might have possibly survived the crash. However, the onset of snowfall made it difficult to search action enormously

In the video. All we know so far

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