Monday, March 30, 2015

Located in the Easter business: warning at Post and strikes at Amazon – ABC Online

Monday, 30.03.2015, 19:14
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If you still want to order Easter gifts or decoration that could get into trouble: At several sites online mail order company Amazon employees stopped work – and from April 1, also employees of Deutsche Post could strike

The union Verdi increases in the Easter season the pressure on. the German post office and the online retailer Amazon. Verdi wants to call their members from 1 April to nationwide strikes at Deutsche Post. Numerous customers of the Group could therefore wait at Easter in vain for their packages. Since Monday, employees also are at five locations in the Amazon walkout. The strike will last until Tuesday there still loud Verdi. All about the strikes and Easter in the news ticker of FOCUS Online

The post assumes that there will be announced by the strikes “to delay individual shipments.” “You can never completely prevent the impact,” said spokesman Dirk Klasen post. When and where strikes are to take place, Verdi will announce at the last minute.

With the warning strike, the union’s call for reduction in working hours without loss of pay will lend weight. “More smoke grenades at the negotiating table, we do not need,” said Verdi negotiator Andrea Kocsis

Post. “None whatsoever reason” for strikes

Management of Deutsche Post has, however, there was already presented a wide-ranging approach to the working week. “There is therefore out of the negotiations is absolutely no reason for strikes,” said Post-Human Resources Manager Melanie circle. The next trial date had been scheduled for April 14 in Berlin, the social partners.

Verdi asks for information on their 140,000-rate employees of Deutsche Post a shortening of the working week of 38.5 hours to 36 hours – without loss of pay. This looks like the post as “sticking point” on. “That would mean that workers would work 2.5 hours less, but still earn the same salary. We can do so simply do not accept that, “Klasen said.

Amazon strikes at five sites

The union also announced an action before the Labour Court Bonn against the planned spin-off of parcel delivery in 49 regional companies with lower tariff conditions. By transferring a permanent job is, according to the Post, especially employees who have been temporary contracts at the parent company, are also provided. However, they should be paid according to the rate of freight forwarding and logistics industry. So then they earn less than the parent company.

Affected by work stoppages in Amazon were on Monday the locations Bad Hersfeld (Hesse), Leipzig (Saxony), Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate), Werne and Rheinberg – (both North Rhine-Westphalia)

Tip: Order Until Tuesday night

“Who ordered with standard shipping until Tuesday evening, you can be sure that the goods are still on Saturday arrives”.! promised Amazon spokeswoman Anette neighbor. The company is working with various partners, including with Deutsche Post DHL.

According Amazon in Munich in total less than 830 employees accepted the early shift the strike call. According to Verdi in the morning about 400 workers involved solely in Bad Hersfeld in the walkout

union. Will not the customer liable

Verdi is certain that there will be a delay. “We do not want the customer liable, only Amazon bring to abandon the blockade,” said Verdi spokeswoman Eva Völpel in Berlin

Verdi wants Amazon to move to engage in collective bargaining -. Of the good conditions of the individual and selling. The company refuses, and points out that the payment of employee orientation at the upper part of the logistics industry.

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