Saturday, March 28, 2015

Independence – Germany’s founding spirit wanes – Sü

  • Fewer and fewer German start their own business. The number of new registrations fell to a new low.
  • reason is the labor market. Companies are looking for employees, according to many people see no need to become self-employed.

In Germany last year so few people have ever before dared to start their own businesses. A total of 124 000 farms were registered, leave their type and number of employees involved some economic importance, show figures from the Federal Statistical Office. That was 3.7 percent less than last year.

For weddings Ich AG in 2004 a record number of 176 000 major companies was brought to the start. In general, during the good times and tough labor market and fewer people out of necessity start a company.

At the same time increase the likelihood that young companies survive. So in 2014 were approximately 111,000 larger businesses also 4.1 percent less abandoned as 2013. For this reason, after earlier rising to the state-owned KfW bank group with good domestic economy in general, the proportion of entrepreneurs who want to realize their own business idea.

The number of newly established small businesses during the year declined by 11.5 percent compared even to just under 211,000 back. Also, this is the lowest level since comparable surveys in 2003. This is due, including the fact that the number of founders of small businesses fell with Bulgarian or Romanian nationality by 40 percent to 28,000, said the statistician: “The reason for this decline must have been in force since 1 January 2014 full free movement of workers to nationals of Bulgaria and Romania. ” Since then, citizens of these two EU Member States may include paid employment in Germany without restrictions.


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