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Find EU and Greece still a way out of the crisis ? Or is it already too late? The government of Athens has now presented a reform list. All information in the news ticker.

  • Athens submitted reform list
  • Central Bank: exit to Athens from the euro is not an option
  • ECB. Greek banks will no longer buy government bonds
  • rumors. to resignation of Finance Varoufakis

Difficult negotiations in Brussels on Greece’s reform list

15.56 clock. negotiate under high time pressure Greek Government and the international lenders on the list of planned reforms Athens. On Saturday ran into Brussels negotiations at expert level, which should last the whole weekend.

As of year, the EU Commission was reported, it is about “reform elements” to “as soon as possible an extensive and specific list” finish. The conversations were difficult according to data from negotiating circles. The donors of the European Central Bank (ECB), European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were not satisfied and would require more details, it said. Type

If the funder representative green light, the euro zone finance ministers could, according to diplomats meet next week to release the blocked aids. Greece are from various sources from 7.2 billion euros.

Athens: Reform list has stabilization of public finances to target

14.50 Clock: The reform submitted by Greece, according to the left-led government in Athens primarily to stabilize the public finances of the bankrupt threatened country to the destination. It is “not the sole desire that the list will be accepted,” the Commissioner for International Economic Affairs Vice Foreign Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said on Saturday. Rather Athens strive stable government finances in, “to change the negative climate, to ease liquidity pressures and to promote growth.”

Greece wants to Piraeus port now but sell

13.50 Clock: Greece has the privatization project port of Piraeus (OLP) made a U-turn. His government was prepared to the majority of the Port for sale within weeks, quoted the Chinese news agency Xinhua on Saturday Deputy Prime Minister of Greece Yannis Dragasakis. After taking office, the new government had declared under the leadership of the left SYRIZA party in January it would put an end to the austerity and privatization policies of previous governments. Stop it first wanted also to sell a majority of 67 percent at the port of Piraeus. . On the five-list of prospective candidates for these plans was to date the Chinese Cosco Group

, former Chancellor Schröder criticized Greece Policy

12.32 Clock: , former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder criticized the Greek policy of the Federal Government. Is the price of some ministers’ too little European and German, “the Social Democrat told the news magazine” Der Spiegel “.

Experts expect new 20-billion gap

11.13 Clock: The financial situation of Greece intensified after information of “mirror” the Reform stop the government Tsipras clearly. Experts expect an additional gap of up to 20 billion euros.

The troika of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund forecasts according to information from the “mirror” so that Greece this year against the original plan no primary surplus will generate in his household.

It was originally planned that the increase of current income over expenditure, apart from the interest payments should be three percent of gross domestic product.

“Of should be nothing left, “citing the” mirror “Troika circles. The Reform stop in Greece since taking office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras exacerbated the financial situation of the country.

This sum would have to be balanced in a third bailout. Whose volume could therefore increase to 30 billion euros or more, reported the “mirror”. The Greek government announced in Brussels that they soon may no longer meet their financial obligations if possible.

Fitch downgrades credit rating of Greece down

Saturday, March 28, 07.42 clock: The rating agency Fitch has downgraded the credit rating of the euro broke threatened State Greece. The credit will now rated CCC, Fitch said on Friday. So far, Greece stood up as Fitch pointed to justify the fact that the country is largely cut off from the capital markets. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the international creditors on time freeing up new grants. The confidence of investors, consumers and savers is damaged. That was nearly stopped by security, the economic recovery.

Greece is held by its euro partners and the International Monetary Fund over water since 2010. The country urgently needs additional help. However, as a prerequisite creditors demand reforms. A long-awaited list of projects submitted by the Greek Government, according to a euro-zone representative of a Friday. The delay, however, have damaged the confidence of investors and savers.

“It will take time to undo the damage again, even if the prospects improve on a successful program in the next few days or weeks,” it said in the statement of Fitch

Last year, the agency had as their two other major rivals Moody’s and Standard & amp. Poor’s raised its ratings even after the Greek economy recession picked up again after six years.

conversations at the weekend continue

20.02 Clock: The talks between Greece and the donors on the reform list to resolve the debt crisis will continue to go on the weekend. This was reported on Friday evening from the European Commission. A commission spokeswoman said the announced list of the Athens government had not yet arrived in Brussels.

In Video: Merkel and Tsipras emphasize good will

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