Monday, March 30, 2015

Greece is committed to repay its debt – Reuters Germany


Berlin (Reuters) – Greece has committed itself to repay its debts.


Although put the country five years after the implementation of the first bailout of its donors further into the crisis and the animosity between the Europeans was more pronounced than ever, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis wrote in a commentary in the “Handelsblatt” on Monday. From this “toxic black blame game” benefited but only in Europe enemies. “It has to stop.” Only then can the country – with the support of its European partners who shared an interest in its economic recovery – focus on the implementation of effective reforms and growth-enhancing policies. “This is essential to enable Greece finally in a position to repay its debt and to meet its obligations to its citizens,” Varoufakis wrote.


Greece is currently working feverishly about avert national bankruptcy. However, as presented by the government on Friday reform list is apparently still not the document on the wait donors.


First of all “Greek and German have now fallen to a point of moral grandstanding, recrimination and hostility,” the minister wrote “Handelsblatt”.


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