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 Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 The largest German airline experiencing its most “darkest day”: Lufthansa – parent company of German Wings – loses for the first time ever, a passenger plane at cruising altitude. About the cause of the accident will not speculate CEO Spohr. At the same time he expressed understanding for crew members who do not want to fly on the day after the accident.



The crash of an almost fully occupied passenger aircraft Airbus A320 airline German Wings meets the German Lufthansa with full force. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr spoke of “the blackest day in the 60-year history of our company.”

For the first time, Lufthansa has lost an aircraft in cruise flight, Spohr said at a press conference at its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main at night the fatal day. For statements about the possible cause of the crash it was too early, emphasized Spohr. “We want to and will not engage in speculation.”

Spohr showed understanding that individual crews do not sow in the wake of the disaster will be able to fly on Wednesday. Flights why would fail, confirmed Spohr. “We are so fast it goes back to a full flight operations return. That to me but now only of secondary importance,” said Lufthansa CEO. Reportedly had with German Wings after the crash due to a lack of staff around 30 compounds are canceled at short notice.

Box already found

Spohr expects rapid insights into the cause of the crash of the German Wings flight in France , He was very happy that the first box has been found, he said. “I expect that we will surely get relatively fast initial information, which was probably the cause of the crash. The detailed analysis will take longer,” he said.

of the crashed Airbus A320 service on the day before the disaster has firmly believes nothing to do with the crash. Spohr completed after his return from the scene of the accident to Frankfurt from Tuesday evening that the maintenance of the German Wings machine might have something to do on Monday in Dusseldorf with the cause of the crash. It had just gone to the noise level, and not at Safety-relevant.

problems to the nose wheel

A Lufthansa spokeswoman had said earlier a problem on the flap for the nose wheel was on Monday been corrected routinely. “The plane was in excellent technical condition,” assured the Lufthansa CEO. About the pilots of the misfortune machine, he said: “We had the competence in the cockpit, for which our company stands for.” The German Wings pilots would be trained at Lufthansa, and the pilot had more than 6,000 flight hours, including most of the Airbus A320.

The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit Sprecher expressed dismay about the crash of Germanwings Jets in the French Alps. “We grieve together with the bereaved to the victims. Our deepest sympathy goes to all members, friends and acquaintances of the passengers and crew”, said the union. “We are deeply shocked, our thoughts are with the families.”

Pilots reject speculation from

More about

Since the moment there is insufficient information about the accident are known, leaned from the cockpit comments on the circumstances of the accident and cause of the accident. “We appeal to the public to refrain from speculation, as these are not useful are particularly painful for the bereaved and an objective accident investigation,” said Joerg Handwerg, spokesman for the Vereinigung Cockpit.

The union offered all of the , “with the help of their experts to actively support the accident investigation to improve the information thus provided the air safety on.” accident investigation participants in

cockpit is labor dispute from

Under the impression of the disaster pulls the union of the pilots back the current strike threat in the wage dispute with Deutsche Lufthansa. “The labor dispute is currently no longer an issue for us,” said Cockpit spokesman Handwerg the “Tagesspiegel” according to a preliminary report. After the crash disaster “we are talking about completely different issues.”

Until the weekend, the pilots had the Lufthansa strike after another four days. In the crash of an Airbus A320 of Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings in the French Alps were recent evidence indicates that 144 passengers and six crew members on board. It is the opinion of rescue workers on site no hope of finding survivors.

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