Tuesday, March 31, 2015

General Strike: Argentina stands still – Reuters

general strike in Buenos Aires

Empty highway in Buenos Aires: A general strike put on Tuesday in Argentina not only train stations and airports lame

(Photo: Reuters).

Buenos Aires A general strike against the insidious progressive taxation has largely paralyzed on Tuesday Argentina. Buses and trains stood still, aircraft remained on the ground. The banks and many shops were closed.

Protesters also blocked main roads around the metropolis of Buenos Aires, told the state news channel TN. In the industry, it also came to lost because many employees stayed at home because of lack of transportation

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Three in opposition to the government standing trade unions had called for the 24-hour walkout. They wanted to push through an increase in the allowance for salaries, on which no income tax is payable.

Currently salaries in excess of 15,000 pesos per month (nearly 1,600 Euro) will be taxed. Since this limit for years despite annual inflation numbers from 20 to 30 percent is constant, more and more people would have to pay income tax, opponents argue.

Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández, however, said of the payroll taxes are only about ten percent of earners affected , The unions announced further action

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