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+++ +++ Easter 2015: On these highways threatens Jam at Easter – ABC Online

Monday, 30.03.2015, 19:32
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The Easter Festival 2015 is imminent. Everything about the weather at Easter, the travel and Easter traditions you already experienced in the Holy Week at FOCUS Online.

  • Verdi threatens strikes at the post office
  • strike at Amazon on Easter Monday
  • Easter travel wave puts traffic on German motorways

Live storage card for the Easter traffic

Amazon affirms: Deliver despite strikes on time

19:29 Clock: online retailer Amazon secure in spite of the for Easter Monday (March 30) and Tuesday announced strikes a on-time delivery for up to Easter. “Who ordered with standard shipping until Tuesday evening can be sure that the goods are still arriving on Saturday,” said Germany boss Ralf glue the “Bild” newspaper. This applies even if the union Verdi should expand the labor dispute to locations abroad. “28 distribution centers in Europe and a consistently low, partly dwindling participation in strikes in Germany make us certain that the customer will not feel anything,” said adhesive.

The union workers in Bad Hersfeld (Hesse), Leipzig (Saxony), Koblenz (Rheinland-Pfalz) and Rheinberg and Werne (both North Rhine-Westphalia) again called on Monday and Tuesday to strike. “The workers also prove the Easter business a long breath and demand their rights with vigor. They demand a living wage agreement, the reliable and good working conditions guaranteed to them, “said Stefanie Nutzenberger from Verdi’s National Executive Board.

The union wants to force Amazon to engage in collective bargaining, and this is one of the better conditions of retail and mail order trade. The company rejects this and points out that the payment of employee orientation at the upper part of the logistics industry. Because Amazon does not come around, it comes from the spring 2013 strikes again.

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This is at the Easter scene

18.32 Clock: Easter scene comes on Easter Monday: Wotan cloud Möhring calculated as the Commissioner Thorsten Falke in the field of refugee activists , which “Bad Easter Bunnies” and a fundraiser for Refugee Relief Mug – of course at Easter and also in easter bunny costume. Funny is this not be: It comes to a hostage situation, the tapering more and more – and Falke colleague Catherine Lorenz is among the hostages. Prospects for Easter scene has been around in the ARD

At Easter threatens congestion on German motorways

17.12 clock. If the eggs do not want to look under the car seat, the great highways should be avoided over the holidays. Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland and Thuringia begin the school holidays . Students in Bremen, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate got already released in mid-week.

Therefore, subject to long travel times in the metropolitan areas of Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich, and on the following routes. Most densely become the market after ADAC details of Monday afternoon on Thursday, on the morning of Good Friday and the return traffic on Easter Monday. A traffic jam chaos is not to be expected.

In the southwest of the Auto Club expected congestion on the Highway 8 between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart in A 81 between Stuttgart and Singen on the A 5 ​​at Karlsruhe and on the A6 between Mannheim and Heilbronn . The popular tourist destinations are in the south, but is also towards the North and Baltic Seas expected to travel.

A 1 Hamburg – Bremen – Dortmund – Cologne
A 2 Berlin – Hannover – Dortmund
A 3 Oberhausen – Frankfurt – Würzburg – Nuremberg – Passau
A 4 Kirchheimer triangle – Erfurt – Dresden
A 5 ​​ Kassel – Frankfurt – Karlsruhe – Basel
A 6 Kaiserslautern – Mannheim – Heilbronn – Nuremberg
A 7 Hanover – Würzburg – Ulm – Füssen / Reutte
A 8 Karlsruhe – Stuttgart – Munich – Salzburg
A 9 Munich – Nuremberg – Berlin
A 10 Berliner Ring
A 61 Mönchengladbach – Koblenz – Ludwigshafen
A 81 Stuttgart – singing
A 93 Inntaldreieck – Kufstein
A 95 / B 2 Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen
A 99 Bypass Munich

strike on Easter weekend? Labor dispute at the post office comes to a head

14.18 Clock: Verdi raised in the dispute with Deutsche Post printing Verdi announced on Monday nationwide. ” strong> warning strike from April 1 and shared also with that we have submitted to the Labour Court injunction Bonn. “The employees expect the employer takes their interests seriously and negotiate constructively about our call for a reduction in working hours without loss of pay. More smoke grenades at the negotiating table, we do not need,” said Andrea Kocsis, Deputy Verdi’s chairman and chief negotiator.

Verdi calls for a reduction in the working week of 38.5 hours to 36 hours without loss of pay for the approximately 140,000 employees of the Group. The relevant collective agreements are terminated 31 March 2015.

A spokesman for the Postal expressed his lack of understanding about the strikes. “There is no reason to strike now.” The next trial date had already agreed on 14 April. In addition, the Post has issued a policy that provides a very extensive flexibility in working hours. The call for full pay, the Group could however not currently meet. This would amount to a pay increase of 6.9 percent the same. “But we do not yet know the receivables to the terminated end of May wage agreement,” the Post spokesman.

The union also runs in arms against the establishment of a comprehensive network for packet delivery in 49 newly established regional companies , The Group is contrary to the existing contract to protect against outsourcing. Post sees no violation. “We have not broken any contracts. Then we’ll see what the court says,” a Post spokesman commented.

Lower Saxony calls faster end of the mass killing of chicks

13.51 Clock: Lower Saxony Agriculture Minister Christian Meyer has asked to stop the killing of male chicks quickly. Although the research program on sex Heritage mood in the egg is a step in the right direction. “But with announcements and pure research contracts it is not done on this issue,” the Green Party said on Monday. The state government in Hanover demands nationwide laying on a date.

Lower Saxony wants to stop the killing of male chicks from laying hens within three to five years. “This reprehensible practice can not continue. Animals are not disposable commodity,” Meyer said. After the Federal will be decided on a specific prohibition of killing chicks until after the end of a two-year research project.

No Asparagus for Easter

Monday, March 30, 12.14 clock: Easter will probably still have to manage without domestic asparagus: Due to cold soils, the delicacy decorates. The Chamber of Agriculture expects only a week after the Easter holidays with larger harvests. On April 9, will be officially opened this year’s season. In the changing temperatures with cold nights it was unlikely that the season for the more than 400 asparagus plants begin as early as last year, said Ralf Great Thankfully, asparagus consultant at the Chamber of Agriculture.

At the time, the end of March been the cutting asparagus in North Rhine-Westphalia fields on the go. Who wants to bring this year early asparagus on the table, must rely on modern technology: Only the rare fields that are using waste heat, such as power plants, heated, asparagus already sprouting.

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Agriculture Minister Schmidt wants chicks shredding up to 2017 end

Sunday, 30 March, 18.00 clock: Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) wants to end no later than two years in the mass killing of male chicks in Germany. “From the end of 2016, the first ‘killing-free’ hatching eggs coming onto the market. My goal is that the chick shredding 2017 stop but to the economy needs help,” Schmidt told the “Bild” newspaper (Monday Edition). The technical process was close to completion.

Schmidt announced in February, to provide a timetable for the end of the so-called Kükenschredderns to Easter. So far, male chicks are killed after hatching, since they are of no benefit economically. This affects about 40 million annually chicks. Animal rights activists have been protesting for a long time about it.

Schmidt said, should run all tests of the technical process positively, “must be as soon as possible purchased in the hatcheries the appropriate devices, so there will be no more shredding “. The new method is to make visible already at the egg, whether this will develop a male or female chicks. This is to prevent that male chicks hatch at all.

As Schmidt said he does not expect any significant price increases for consumers. “.. The method that we promote is the cheapest price for an egg will rise to a maximum of one to two cents”

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