Friday, March 27, 2015

Blackout in Holland – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Amsterdam – Northern Netherlands has failed on Friday morning in a large area of ​​the stream. Affected included the capital Amsterdam, the media center in Hilversum, Schiphol Airport and the city of Zaandam, told the Dutch newspaper “AD” (formerly “Algemeen Dagblad”) on its website.

The error was caused by a technical fault in the power station in the Amsterdam suburb Diemen, announces the electricity grid operator Tennet. According to the newspaper “AD” it could have possibly been an explosion at the plant. According to Reuters, the operator Tennet justified the failure first with a power overloading.

Also, the Airport Schiphol is affected by the disorder, a spokeswoman for the airport said: Air traffic was significantly affected by the power outage. In the meantime, all flights were canceled to and from Schiphol and diverted to other airports. It is to be expected with many delays. The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport shared According to Reuters that two flights to Amsterdam were delayed until further notice.

voltage rebuilt

The voltage in the power network is now but rebuilt, the network operator Tennet informed on his website with: “. The power supply is gradually restored in parts of North Holland there is electricity again,” the company wrote about one and a half hours after the onset of failure

. The airport announced via Twitter that the power is restored and the air traffic will added slowly. On the current situation informed the airport website.

The train service in and around Amsterdam fell out completely, as the state railway authority announced that trams could not continue. People were stuck in elevators.

motorists Posts were pictures of fancy lights on Twitter and commented on the problem under the hashtag #stroomstoring (“power failure”).


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