Friday, March 27, 2015

Apple CEO is generous: Tim Cook bequeathed his fortune – NEWS


 Friday, March 27, 2015


 This step should only few people easily fall: The man at the head of Apple Group praised publicly give his complete savings. For Tim Cook is about a high three-digit million range.


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Apple CEO Tim Cook cherishes the firm intention to bequeath his entire fortune of a foundation. Until that happens Nevertheless it will take a few more years. Before separating from his money, he would finance the college education of his ten-year-old nephew, Cook said the US business magazine “Fortune”.

Tim Cook is the current CEO of one of the most successful global exchange group. The Apple brand is known worldwide. The figures from the interim report for the Christmas quarter of iPhone provider blew up all records. The company has accumulated vast reserves in recent years.

Under a billion dollars

The assets of CEOs has considerable proportions, is estimated but not nearly enough zoom to the billions that other shop manager such as the long-time Microsoft CEO Bill Gates her own can call.

The magazine “Fortune” puts the assets according to the cover story published in advance of the April issue on an average three-digit millions. Cook think Apple stock worth about 120 million dollars (110 million euros), they say.

There would also options for additional shares with a total value of up to $ 665 million. However, this property items can Cook transform only under certain conditions in cash. These savings might come from his current salary as CEO.

model Warren Buffett?

He had already donated money, Cook explained his project. Now he wanted to develop a systematic approach. Details for the foundation’s purpose and the time are still pending. Cook spoke about wanting to donate his wealth “before his death” charity.

More about

Cook had responsibilities at the head of the cult group taken from the legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The announced legacy is Cook prepares to follow the example of a series of extremely wealthy Americans. About five years ago Star investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had launched the so-called “Giving Pledge” campaign.

Buffett and Gates called super-rich entrepreneurs and heirs to at least half of their assets in the public interest to Make available. So far, to celebrities from so many backgrounds as “Karstadt savior” Nicolas Berggruen, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, New York’s mayor and media entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have agreed.



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