Sunday, March 22, 2015

After disgust scandal Yi Ko wants Burger King stores under a new name … more – STAR

I m spring 2014 shook Burger King a scandal: Poor hygiene, atrocious working conditions, not fees paid holiday pay and Works, said to have been repeatedly set under pressure – the allegations not demolished. In the center at that time was the largest Burger King licensee Yi-Ko.

The after the revelations fallen into the headlines franchise owner is but apparently not. After the financial difficulties of many branches of the fast-food chain in Germany he just renamed so as to signal a restart. The company from Stade firmiere now under the name KRG Food Service, said a spokesman for the operating company of Burger King. The “Business Week” had reported this in advance.

Burger King had Yi Ko terminated without notice by reports of lack of hygiene and poor working conditions in November. End of January, the Burger King GmbH in Munich had withdrawn as the operating company surprisingly file for bankruptcy for 89 branches with approximately 3000 employees. The restaurants had to close before.

The Russian investor Alexander Kolobov put 15 million euros in the company. For weeks he negotiated with Burger King on the future of retail outlets. By the operators, it was said that the talks were “on the right track.”


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