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After crash 4U9525: Largest German Airlines change … – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Only for two: In the future, among other things, at Air Berlin apply new safety regulations. ” / span>



After the crash of the German Wings machine in France, the largest German airline draw conclusions and plan to introduce in the cockpit of the two-person rule.


In the future, there is no more pilot only allowed to stay in the cockpit. This was confirmed by the Speaker of the Federation of German aviation industry (BDL), Christine Kolmar, compared with FAZ.NET. “The mind is,” Kolmar said. Still ran last polls, also because the new rules a change in the duty rosters do necessary. However, the rule should “be implemented as soon as possible.”


Even early Thursday evening had announced several low-cost airlines to change their safety. According to the Norwegian Norwegian Air Shuttle Air Berlin, easyJet and Air Canada firmly laid, the cockpit must always be occupied by at least two people.


challenge for the two-person cast therefore comes as a flight attendant, if one of the two pilot leaves the cockpit for a toilet break. The German Wings Lufthansa mother had a change of rules initially rejected.


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As the rules had been for some time in conversation, it was said by the Norwegian budget airline Norwegian. The findings of the investigators to the German Wings crash in the French Alps “have speeded things”. Now still must approve the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority. “I assume that the new effective date is tomorrow.”


Before the crash of the German Wings flight 4U9525 the pilot was gone According to investigators, the toilet and had left his colleague the tax. Then he could no longer pass through the automatically locked car door back into the cockpit. According to the French investigators of the co-pilot steered the Airbus then apparently intentionally in depth.



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After the crash of 4U9525

Best German Airlines have changed cockpit rules


After several low cost airlines now draw the largest German Airlines: In the future, no pilot should stay alone in the cockpit in order to avoid a disaster like that of the German Wings machine.

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