Saturday, March 28, 2015

About: Taxi alternative service paid transport passengers – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Even after the Germany-wide ban on the controversial Chauffeur Service About Pop by the Frankfurt District Court, the company does not want to give up. By the summer to this country to start a legal service, reports the “Business Week”.

This car service should be taken by drivers who possessed a transport passengers, said Uber-Germany manager Fabien Nestmann the magazine. The company was financing his free time chauffeurs purchasing the ticket. Also one was financing the cost of the test at the Chamber of Commerce when the driver wanted to license as a taxi and rental car companies.

According to the company, the US companies in Germany around 6000 drivers and 50,000 active customers. When Service About Pop offer private people with their cars via a mobile app running their services, the company collects as a mediator as a percentage of the agreed fare. The Frankfurt Regional Court had recently declared this anti-competitive ‘Association had complained Taxi Germany.

In several countries, the taxi driver had demonstrated in 2014 already against the new competition. In Germany, the Dispatcher in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf was started, but went in all five cities or judicial authorities against Uber ago.

Finally, the Frankfurt court has pronounced the nationwide ban. The judge had demonstrated a Ubers business model considers to have violated the Passenger Transport Act. For drivers of Uber passengers transported, without possessing the requisite transport passengers. If it were a contractually regulated Paid and not a Mitfahrdienst – as shown by the company. About crayons his drivers to break the law.


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