Friday, February 27, 2015

+++ Underground strike in the live ticker +++: Without strike threat: web-negotiations … – ABC Online

+++ Underground strike in the live ticker +++: Without strike threat: web-negotiations … – ABC Online

Updated on Friday, 02.27.2015, 12:08 pm
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The seventh strike by train drivers in the current round of negotiations is imminent. But GDL chief Claus Weselsky maintains accurate timing and duration of the strike remains open. All information in the news ticker of FOCUS Online

12.07 clock. In the wage dispute between Deutsche Bahn and the GDL is it once without further strike threat. During the negotiations in Berlin on Thursday, there were, as expected, still no breakthrough. Both sides agreed to a new trial date for March 13, as the train told.

“I am confident that we will also foreseeable get results in a constructive atmosphere at the negotiating table,” said train staff and chief negotiator Ulrich Weber. “And I have the impression that our customers peace of mind at the moment can go train.”

Until Monday, the German train drivers union (GDL) had threatened a renewed strike. This was averted in further discussions. Both sides agreed to become the cornerstones of a new tariff structure.

After the long conflict was clear that they would not solve in one day all substantive issues, told GDL chief Claus Weselsky late evening. “But at least the basics for the next collective bargaining are created.” Until then, the thematic blocks were prepared in soundings. After months of disputes over the responsibility for occupational groups they had first talked about content.

hearing about money and working hours

Friday, February 27, 09.45 clock: The two sides signed a negotiation protocol, such as rail and GDL mitt hurried to comply. Now put the broken contract talks continue on February 11 this Thursday in Berlin.

For the first time should then be money, working hours and working conditions are spoken. The GDL chairman Claus Weselsky said the train crew needed in addition to a “reasonable increase in income” significant relief for the accumulated overtime.

As of the GDL also up to professional groups Zubegleiter, board restaurateurs, Lokrangierführer, dispatchers / planners and trainers are involved in the negotiations. “It is good that the stalemate train passengers and employees of the DB Group is closed for the time being,” said Weselsky fixed. It was finally “a workable basis for substantive negotiations created”.

No strike at the track – for now

15.13 clock, Update 17.08 Clock: train travelers can breathe easy: A strike is for the time being from the table, as the German railway and the German train drivers union (GDL) announced on Tuesday. The collective bargaining would now continue as planned in Berlin on Thursday, both sides stated. The “measures already started a strike” had been stopped, reiterated GDL chief Claus Weselsky in Frankfurt am Main.

“After intensive discussions” in recent days “results for future collective bargaining structure” had been made, informed the web. The GDL declared that the parties had agreed on the key elements of a “new tariff structure” and it signed a negotiation protocol. On Thursday could then be negotiated content.

It is good that the “impasse is for rail passengers and employees of the DB Group temporarily ended,” said Weselsky. He criticized at the same time but also the German railway and ruled out further strikes are not enough: The strike threat his union would not have been necessary if the Group “from the beginning seriously” had negotiated, he said. The union members would “fight for their demands” in the future.

The drivers had adopted new strike last Wednesday. As a reason led to the union, the web has made in the negotiations with identical contents wage settlements with her and the competing Railway and Transport union (ECG) for condition. Both unions want to achieve collective agreements for all its members in the parallel negotiations with the train. However, the company wants to prevent that come out of this for one and the same occupational group competing results.

The GDL had been harshly criticized for their recent strike threat over the past few days. It would be the seventh walkout in the current round of negotiations was

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