Thursday, February 19, 2015

+++ Underground strike in the live ticker +++: GDL boss Weselsky can strike beginning of the … – ABC Online

+++ Underground strike in the live ticker +++: GDL boss Weselsky can strike beginning of the … – ABC Online

Thursday, 19.02.2015, 17:21
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The seventh strike by train drivers in the current round of negotiations is imminent. One day after the announcement of the drivers in conflict with Deutsche Bahn has the exact timing and duration of the strike continues to be left open GDL chief Claus Weselsky. All information in the news ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • GDL chief power of collective discussions with the track for failed
  • Appointment more open to strike by train drivers
  • GDL calls for an independent collective agreements – even for members who train drivers are not
  • Requirement: five percent more money and a reduction in working time

For rail strike private railways and long distance buses provide connections

16.58 Clock: The threatened strike the engineer can commuter and long-distance travelers in Lower Saxony and Bremen at least look forward to left on some connections. In more than half of the routes are in fact now Deutsche Bahn’s competitors on the road, which would not be affected by a strike. They had let their orbits in the last strike partly abide by S-Bahn stations of Deutsche Bahn to allow commuters getting ahead.

  • Metronome: The blue and yellow commute trains on routes from Hamburg to Cuxhaven, Bremen and Göttingen.
  • NORTH WEST TRAIN: From Osnabrück Trains run to Bielefeld, Bremen and Wilhelmshaven and Wilhelmshaven to Bremen and Esen. The lines of frets about Hameln and Hildesheim to Bodenburg and of Kreiensen and Göttingen direction Paderborn are operated and the regional S-Bahn in Bremen.
  • Erixx: The DMUs provide connections on the routes Hanover Soltau-Buchholz, Bremen-Soltau-Uelzen, Uelzen-Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Dannenberg. It also follows from Hannover and Braunschweig to Goslar.
  • Westphalia TRAIN: Trains run from Bad Bentheim about Rheine and Osnabrück to Bielefeld.
  • Cantus: The electric trains leave every hour of Göttingen and Kassel Fulda.
  • EVB: The EVB runs trains between Buxtehude and Bremerhaven.
  • ARRIVA: The company uses the paths of empty Weener about a return in the Dutch Groningen.

remote bus Deals: on many routes also provides the remote bus an alternative to the train. The BerlinLinienBus about four times daily commutes between Hannover, Braunschweig and Berlin. The ADAC Postbus runs from Hamburg to Hannover and Göttingen, Stuttgart and Nuremberg and Munich, and from the Ruhr area of ​​Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and Magdeburg to Berlin. The extensive route network MeinFernbus / Flixbus provides support outside the big cities before, including in Bergen, Celle, Wolfenbüttel, Hameln, Salzgitter Goslar, Emden or Melle. With barrel-traveling, it is also from Wilhelmshaven to Berlin.

Last rail strike had car hire rates by 13 per cent rise

15.45 Clock: While so far last rail strike in Germany in November, prices for rental cars are compared portal Check24 according to the short risen considerably. On average, they were 13 percent higher in week of the walkout as in the previous week, said the portal in Munich on Wednesday, referring to its own “Car Price Index”.

Compared with other events were the consequences of the walkout so but still relatively moderate. As also emerged from the Check24 price index, the beginning of the Easter and Christmas holidays in Germany let prices rise in weekly comparison last year by 18 and 21 percent

Video:. “The part cut off!” Germany rages against strike-Rambo Weselsky

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