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Tsipras turn causes irritation – Frankfurter Rundschau

Tsipras turn causes irritation – Frankfurter Rundschau

February 28, 2015

Athens government leader Alexis Tsipras (r.) and Finance Minister Giani Varoufakis. Photo: AP

The extension of aid to Greece has just approved. Here come from Athens again tones for a haircut. Finance Varoufakis and government Tsipras change apparently from angering the European partners.

Athens / Berlin

After the approval of the Bundestag to an extension of aid for Greece Athens has ensured again for irritation. Athens government leader Alexis Tsipras brought on Friday evening once a haircut into play, which is far refused mainly in Berlin. The Greek Finance Ministry confirmed on Saturday the statement by Finance Minister Giani Varoufakis, after which the Greek reform plans were formulated in consultation with the Euro-partners intentionally vague. This had made in Berlin on Friday for considerable displeasure.

Tsipras said the Council of Ministers, with the four-month extension of the rescue program, the bridge has been created to make the call for a haircut again can. In the center of Athens demonstrated on Friday evening thousands Communists against the agreement between Greece and the Euro Group

Varoufakis:. Special tax for the rich

“We have achieved the goals we set for this first round of negotiations,” Tsipras said in the televised speech received from the State. Now Athens will be able to talk “about the substance of the credit agreement with honesty without blackmail”. “We will put our request for reduction of the Greek debt on the table,” Tsipras. Said

The Athenian Treasury intends necessary to introduce a special tax for the wealthy to ensure a balanced budget. “If it is necessary, I will introduce a special tax, but we will take it from those who can pay, not of those who have nothing,” Varoufakis said Saturday the TV channel “Skai”.


Next week will relieve a number of laws, the distressed Greek population Tsipras. No one should lose his house when he could not pay the mortgage payments, it said.

Tsipras also announced that closed by the previous government, ERT to reopen. In addition, a parliamentary committee should determine how it happened in Greece to the collapse of 2010 and austerity programs. Tsipras announced further laws against corruption and tax fraud. (AP)


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