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Aviation Group – Airbus sold more aircraft than ever before – Sü

Aviation Group – Airbus sold more aircraft than ever before – Sü

  • Airbus recorded in 2014 a profit jump of more than 50 percent.
  • is responsible for this increase alone the civilian business.
  • The military division made substantial losses.
  • In response to the good figures Airbus increased its dividend by 60 percent.

Analysis of Jens Flottau

If Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders summarized his target agreement for 2015 needs, then this can be summed up in one word: “boot.” Enders and his people must expand the production of important programs in civilian and military aircraft without a glitch. “This is a huge issue,” said Enders

As of the challenge is, can well to the results of 2014 read that Airbus has announced on Friday. Because of delays in the production of the A400M military transport, inter alia, the Bundeswehr is waiting with growing anger, the company had recorded 551 million euros in additional charges. The problems have already led to Enders auswechselte the head of the military aircraft division.

Boom civil division

But even the difficulty A400M have not led to worse economic outcomes. On the contrary, sales increased by about five percent to about 60 billion euros, the operating profit by as much as 54 percent to four billion euros. “We have more commercial aircraft than ever delivered,” said Airbus CEO Tom Enders. Therefore, the company decided to increase the dividend by 60 percent to 1.20 euros per share decided. The investors who thanked the group – in the morning put the Airbus share by more than six percent

Responsible for the improved numbers is solely the civilian business.. Operating profit in the Commercial Aircraft Division increased by 68 percent to 2.6 billion euros, the result at the helicopters remained virtually unchanged at 413 million. The defense and space division, however, had recorded a decline of 38 percent to only 409 million euros and contributed both in absolute terms and in terms of margin the least to the Group profit.

Airbus plans to expand production

In the civil business, Airbus will benefit more from the high demand. The production of short- and medium-haul A320 family will be extended by 42 aircraft per month to 50. According to Enders addition, studies are underway to go to over 60 aircraft per month, but this is no decision to drop. In contrast, Airbus has to steer the long-haul aircraft A330 aircraft per month, only six are the future, instead of nine built. Enders but it is assumed that the production will be expanded from 2017 again when the A330 is equipped with new engines. The Airbus A380 Airbus is the first time make money in the current year, but based on the current cost of production. The more than 20 billion euros in development costs are not taken into account.

When it comes to 2017 Enders and his financial director Harald Wilhelm are optimistic anyway. This is not only in the planned growth, but also the strength of the US dollar. Because aircraft are usually paid in dollars, the Group benefited a lot from it, if the exchange rate rises. However, Airbus in 2015 and 2016 is already committed to currency hedging transactions, the full effect of the higher dollar will be felt until 2017.


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