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Athens disseminated before the Bundestag vote optimism –

Athens disseminated before the Bundestag vote optimism –

Date: 26/02/2015 20:18 clock

Before Greece vote in the Bundestag come from Athens signals of Awakening: The confidence in the banks return, the opportunities for growth are not as good as long as it says. The message: Help for Hellas worth it.

The Bundestag today decide on an extension of the aid program for Greece. A large majority is considered safe. The SPD faction spoke at an internal straw vote unanimously for the extension of, at the Union there were 22 votes against, five deputies abstained. Votes are expected from the opposition parties of the Left and the Greens.

Meanwhile, apparently wearing many Greek depositors their money back to the domestic banks. Only on Tuesday had been paid 700 million euros, said Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis in an interview with the financial news station Bloomberg TV


The Reuters news agency reported, citing a senior banker of significant recoveries in the Greek financial system. Tuesday and Wednesday were received in total 850 million euros from the banks.

In addition Varoufakis also the Bank of Greece expressed strikingly optimistic on the economic situation. After years of recession, the country currently have “relatively few problems,” said Federal Reserve Chairman Yanis Stournaras. The gross domestic product will grow 2015 and also in 2016. Greek government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis whilst simultaneously emphasizing once again the urgency of the new aid payments. There are “financial and budgetary gaps,” he said in Athens

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Greece and the international creditors on Tuesday for an extension of the end of February expiring assistance program for Athens agreed. Earlier, the Greek government had undertaken to privatize state-owned companies to stop early retirement and to combat tax evasion effectively.

In Germany, however, doubt many politicians, whether it is the Greeks really serious their reform commitments. Especially in the CDU / CSU is feared that in the course of another multi-billion dollar bailout package for Athens might be necessary. The optimistic tones from Athens are therefore to be understood as a message to the members of the Bundestag



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