Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Video – Annual Economic Report 2015: Sigmar Gabriel manht despite good … – STAR

Video – Annual Economic Report 2015: Sigmar Gabriel manht despite good … – STAR

With the German economy continues upward. Sigmar Gabriel could present a 0.2 percentage points to 1.5 percent growth forecast on Wednesday in the new Annual Economic Report 2015. more …

Thus, the development was relatively low and stable over the previous year. And say to the black and red German government and the associated Federal Minister of Economics an employment record of 42.8 million people ahead. And yet Gabriel warned at the economic outlook for caution, reason had diverse risks such as the future of Greece. It was in this country existentially dependent on a good performance and stability in Europe, RECORDED GABRIEL: “I would advise you not somehow accept these growth figures set or where, but I think it makes sense, with a mixture of optimism, but it is also realistic about the challenges may lie ahead of us to take these comparatively good prognosis note. ” In order to secure future growth, more should be invested. Exactly bears the title of the report does: “Investing in Germany and Europe’s future.” In it, the federal government underlines its commitment to provide more public and private investment. Gabriel t ook the government also claimed that the citizens of the stable growth benefited. To further 170,000 people would be more this year have a job and 40,000 fewer people would be unemployed. Should go hand in hand with an increase in the wages and salaries by 2.7 percent. Since it was a fortunate coincidence that the Nuremberg market research company, GfK short, the same day announced that the demand is growing. Consumers are therefore not in a buying mood as more than 13 years. The falling oil prices and the prospect of rising incomes boost your mood, so the consumer researchers. PLACES: BERLIN, NUREMBERG Close


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