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Snowstorm Juno: Governor imposed ban on New York – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Snowstorm Juno: Governor imposed ban on New York – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Nothing goes on the streets of New York


The fierce snowstorm R 20;Juno” sets the metropolis of New York and much of the east coast of the United States largely paralyzed. Since the late evening local time applies for safety reasons a comprehensive ban. “If you sit in a car and go on any road after 23 clock are, whether in a city or village, then you are committing a crime,” said the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Exceptions to the ban were only emergency vehicles for emergencies. If you are traveling by car, despite the ban, have to pay a fine of 300 dollars.


Blizzard Barrels Into Northeastern US The New York’s Times Square on Monday night Photogallery


Cuomo called on the population to remain at home. “It could be a matter of life and death,” he warned. In New York City presented the subway, commuter trains and buses in the evening their operation. Tunnels and bridges between Manhattan and New Jersey, which are considered as the lifeline of the city were closed. The school turns out in many places, power outages are expected.


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The heaviest winds and snowfall on the East Coast expected for Monday night. In at least six states, the authorities proclaimed a state of emergency. The population was advised not to leave their homes. Thousands of flights were canceled, most. At airports in Boston and New York In total, more than 60 million people could be affected by the snow chaos. Authorities were expecting snowfall of up to 90 centimeters. According to the weather the storm could sweep speeds of over 80 miles per hour over New York.



The public life is greatly affected by the storm. The UN headquarters on the East River will be closed on Tuesday. The memorial service with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin for liberation of the German Auschwitz 70 years ago has been postponed by one day. The Metropolitan Opera, first canceled a show with Anna Netrebko. Because of road closures and traffic ban it had been obliged to step, BelTA learned from the legendary opera house. In the trial of the alleged assassins of the Boston Marathon, the jury selection delayed because of winter weather. You will not proceed as planned on Tuesday, said a court spokeswoman said.



Many citizens were in stores snake to stock up with food. Within a short time, the shelves were emptied in many supermarkets. “I’ve been to three or four shops, nowhere can I still get milk or eggs,” complained a woman who persevered in Bridgeport, Connecticut, at a bus stop in the cold. “I do not know where this will lead to.”




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snowstorm “Juno”: Governor imposed ban on New York

snowstorm “Juno”

Governor imposed ban on New York


On the night may drive for security reasons no car in New York. Those who do not believe it, “commits a crime,” said Governor Cuomo. Also subways and buses stand still because of the record storm. The United Nations Headquarters needs to close.

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