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ROUNDUP 2: Good economic suppressed January unemployment at record low – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

ROUNDUP 2: Good economic suppressed January unemployment at record low – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



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NUREMBERG (Reuters) – The economic boom has pushed the January unemployment at a record low. At the beginning of 3,032,000 people in Germany were without a job, as the Federal Employment Agency (BA) reported in Nuremberg on Thursday. Although these are 268 000 more than in December, but around 104 000 fewer than a year earlier. The unemployment rate rose to the previous month by 0.6 points to 7.0 percent. A lower January unemployment was last registered after reunification in 1991.

In general, the winter unemployment rises in January 300000-330 000 made the surprisingly low growth this year also at the forefront the Federal Agency for confidence: “We have good reason for some optimism in 2015,” commented CEO Frank-Jürgen Weise

For the current increase in the number of unemployed, the Federal agency makes only seasonal reasons for this:. silence is partly because the wet and cold winter weather on many construction sites work. As a result, many employees would lose their jobs in outdoor occupations temporarily. “Even run after Christmas sales in retail and logistics companies, many contracts from,” explained manner.

From stimulus to the labor market was in January even a slight boost, as shown by the seasonally adjusted unemployment figures. Without the strong seasonal effect, the number of unemployed

Federal Labour Minister Nahles (SPD) would have decreased by 9 000 to 2,836,000. Estimated the current labor market situation on Thursday continued to be good. Germany was still a very low unemployment, the vacancies reported were at an “all time high”. All indicators pointed to a dynamic and growing labor market, Nahles said in Berlin.

From the force since the beginning of the minimum wage, the federal agency currently feel anything yet, reported manner. “For the interim results, it is already too soon.” Only after half a year first preliminary statements are possible. “We are pleased with the minimum wage, thank God started in a good economy,” explained manner. “This economy helps that the minimum wage also thanks to clever exemptions and transitional arrangements currently poses no risk to the labor market.”

However, the federal agency watch those industries where the minimum wage could have an impact on employment. As examples mentioned, the taxi industry and parcel services. BA board member Heinrich Alt admitted that there had been unemployed taxi driver in January 1200 – about 500 more than a year ago. But it would be premature to blame for this at the present time only the new minimum wage of 8.50 euros, he said.

How good it is currently running on the German labor market, pointing Sage assessment and the continuing growth number of employees. According to the latest data of December put the work by 22 to 000. 42870000. This is an increase of 404 000 in the previous year. Such employment rose in November by 45 000. The number of people with a regular job was with 30.69 million in the previous year to 539,000 in positive territory.

And the companies continue to look for well-trained and experienced personnel: The demand for new employees moving now at record levels. In January, 485,000 jobs were registered with an employment agency, 60 000 people more than a year ago. Especially sought are employees in sales and in the transport and logistics industry. Are required according to the BA and mechatronics, energy and electrical engineers as well as metals, machinery and vehicle technicians. Need also exists in health care. The calculated from the Job offer BA-X index had climbed in January with 183 points to a record high. / Kts / DP / zb


Labour market Lowest unemployment rate in 25 years

The labor market in Germany gone, according to the Federal Employment Agency with the best values ​​in the new year. The number of unemployed reached 2,764,000 the lowest level since December 1990 levels. More

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Good Economy squeezes January unemployment at record lows


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