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Poland against Nahles: Spared us with the minimum wage – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Poland against Nahles: Spared us with the minimum wage – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          The minimum wage for transit crossings has been suspended.


In the dispute over minimum wage for transit, truck drivers, the federal government relents. Berlin is the application of the minimum wage for foreign truckers in pure transit through Germany from now. This applies to the clarification of European law issues, said Secretary of Labor Nahles (SPD) after a meeting with her Polish counterpart in Berlin on Friday. Are not subject to minimum wage rules for trucks, which are loaded and unloaded in Germany.


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The Polish Labour Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz shows with the outcome of the meeting initially satisfied. “This is a first step in the right direction,” he told reporters in Berlin. He made but at the same time clear that Poland expect more. The government in Warsaw wants to ensure that not only transit trucks are excluded, but all drivers in Germany, even if they have a break. Appointed the German and the Polish side, quickly set up a joint working group to clarify the issues in dispute. According to the Polish government could be affected annually by Germany from minimum 1.8 million trips Polish truck. In Poland there are approximately 30,000 trucking companies, which are often also for German companies go.


Nah les said after the meeting to a “sign of good neighborliness”. In Poland and other neighboring countries had voiced their criticism, because of the requirements for controls and documentation requirements. Even the two inner Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz Angela Merkel and had intervened in the conflict. Nahles also welcomed the fact that the European Commission had initiated proceedings for review of disputed questions of law. This should be completed before the summer. Germany by the arrangements for European law. The European Commission had already increased in the past week and announced it would investigate the complaints from Germany’s neighboring countries serious pressure on the federal government. The federal government had initially insisted on a still further enforcement of the minimum wage.


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The relevant industry associations Poland and the Czech Republic to fear for their business competitiveness. They warned that higher costs in the transport industry Polish and Czech companies would drive them into bankruptcy. The German minimum wage limit is 8.50 euros per hour. Responsible for the minimum wage control is also in these cases the customs. Possible penalties for violations can be tens of thousands of euros.




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Poland against Nahles: Spared us with the minimum

Poland against Nahles

Spared us with the minimum

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