Friday, January 30, 2015

Nahles sets minimum wage in the truck transit traffic from – Reuters Germany

Nahles sets minimum wage in the truck transit traffic from – Reuters Germany


Berlin (Reuters) – The federal government sets the minimum wage rule for truck traffic in transit from provisional.


This was announced by the Federal Minister of Labour Nahles on Friday after a meeting with her Polish counterpart Wladyslaw Kosniniak-Kamysz in Berlin. The new rule also applies for earlier controls. “Should have been already initiated proceedings may be set this,” the ministry said. However, the abolition relates only to transit and not to cross-border traffic, is either the beginning or end of a trip in Germany.


The EU Commission last week launched a test, whether the proposed minimum wage law in the German application of the minimum wage on the pure transit routes through Germany is compatible with EU law. The suspension shall be according to the Ministry until the conclusion of the EU-examination.


The Chairman of the Bundestag’s Committee on Transport, Martin Burkert (SPD), pointed out that the logistics industry would have wanted the minimum wage in Germany. “We have to find the rules that apply to the inspection.” He did not think that the case now open the door for further exceptions to the minimum wage.


The Labor Department showed on Friday also a requirement of the CSU party chairman Gerda Hasselfeldt back to temporarily suspend the controls to comply with the minimum wage through customs. “Exposing there will not be,” said a spokeswoman. At the request of the Union, to clarify the possible changes in the minimum documentation requirements very quickly, she said, but there was no time limits. A spokesman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs stressed that SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel and Nahles themselves were united in the minimum wage.


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