Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Facebook increases profit – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Facebook increases profit – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Menlo Park – Facebook Chart Show beyond the expectations of analysts: Higher advertising revenues were the tills ringing in the fourth quarter – the Net income increased year on year by 34 percent to 701 million dollars (620 million euros) as the company announced. The sales increased by 49 percent to 3.85 billion dollars.

The number of monthly Facebook users increased by 13 percent 1.39 billion . In the particularly important mobile market it rose by 26 percent to 1.19 billion. Advertising revenues deposited in the previous year by 53 percent to 3.59 billion dollars, about 69 percent controlled the competitive ads on mobile devices such as smartphones with.

Although the market expectations were exceeded, the stock hardly reacted after trading hours on the good figures. For investo rs, there is a damper: rising costs. From September to December and rose by 87 percent to 2.72 billion dollars. In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had already announced a sharp rise in spending and unsettled investors with it.

Facebook plans to invest heavily in Research and development to maintain its market position , The group must find solutions to make daughters as the 3D glasses specialists Oculus VR or WhatsApp profitable. In total 2014 Facebook earned $ 2.94 billion. Sales rose year on year by 58 percent to $ 12.47 billion.


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