Thursday, January 22, 2015

Competition is growing by remote buses: Railway want to give up higher prices – NEWS

Competition is growing by remote buses: Railway want to give up higher prices – NEWS


 Thursday, January 22, 2015


 The German railway is under increasing pressure. The long distance buses make the company more and more competition. To strengthen themselves in competition for passengers, the ticket prices could remain stable.



The hard competition from the long distance buses forces the German railway might be a waiver of price increases in long-distance transport. Internal documentation of a “non-realization” of price action in the years 2016 and 2017′ll classified as “possible”, reported the “Manager Magazin”, citing a risk report of the Bahn subsidiary DB-distance transport. The German railway had renounced long-distance transport for this year to a price increase in the second grade. The railway faces his keen competition since market opening for long distance buses two years ago. Last year, the group escaped as 120 million euros in revenue.

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In the internal report, the rivals of the Fernbusbranche noisy “Manager Magazin” listed as a major risk. The result of the division could be pushed over the coming years to 672 million euros, the magazine reported. Also, the increased price sensitivity of customers’m called as a serious risk to the long-distance trains. The “very probable” income effect will put at 618 million euros, it was said in the report.

The German Railway stated that she Comment on the reports of internal documents “whose alleged contents and speculation to” in principle. CEO Ruediger Grube had announced an offensive in the long-distance transport until Tuesday. Accordingly, the German railway in February a new strategy for its bus fleet before that date far back behind the now merged leaders MeinFernbus and Flixbus. In March, a new concept for long-haul follow.



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