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Apple manager collected $ 73.4 million in the year – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Apple manager collected $ 73.4 million in the year – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          Your base salary is a million dollars. But in their initial year, the Apple manager Angela Ahrendts has earned $ 73.4 million.

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Moving can go into the money. Angela Ahrendts, married and mother of three teenage received $ 457,615 for the family move from the UK to America. Angela Ahrendts leads at Apple retail operations, it was previously Chief Executive of the British fashion group Burberry.


Roland Lindner. Author: Roland Lindner, born in 1970, business correspondent in New York

Even apart from the removal costs 54-year-old Ahrendts was rewarded lavishly at Apple in its initial year, as Apple now with the release of his executive pay announced. Your entire salary package has a value of 73.4 million dollars. So she has so much deserves more than any other Apple executives.


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Much of this content are one-time payments. As usual in America, she received as a compensation for services that escape it by its change to Apple at Burberry. This took the form of subscription rights to shares with a value of 37 million dollars. More options worth 33 million US dollars, and $ 500,000 in cash was Ahrendts as a first deposit bonus. Your annual base salary is one million dollars. In its press release Apple noted that Ahrendts have heard in their time at Burberry of the most highly paid managers in the UK.


The male members of the leadership team of Apple earned all significantly less than Ahrendts. The value of the salary package of the CEO Tim Cook, for example, was estimated to 9.2 million dollars. Cook’s b ase salary was 1.7 million, and he received the highest possible bonus of 6.7 million dollars. And while at Ahrendts incurred high relocation costs, the expenses for his safety were very lush with Cook. Apple, the safety of his boss could be cost nearly 700,000 dollars.


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Income: 73400000

Apple Queen collected more than all men

From Roland Lindner, New York

Moving is expensive – because it is good, if the employer nachhilft , The Apple manager Ahrendts has cashed for $ 457,615. In total she has in her home year eight times as much as you deserve CEO Tim Cook.

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