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Airbus apologizes: Ministry unmasked 161 defects on the first A400M – ABC Online

Airbus apologizes: Ministry unmasked 161 defects on the first A400M – ABC Online

Wednesday, 28.01.2015, 20:44
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Bad things come to those who wait: First is delayed delivery of the A400M transport aircraft for four years, then 161 defects in the machine are determined by the Ministry of Defence. Airbus now announces consequences to.

The Department of Defense has submitted a list of 161 defects in the first A400M transport aircraft of the Bundeswehr. Airbus had delivered the machine in December with four years late.

The Ministry now lists eight “permanent and temporary reduced services” that can pull ‘significant capacity loss “after himself. In addition, can be found in the list 153 defects, which are classified as either “critical” or irrelevant to the top flight operations.

Enders apologizes for delay

Airbus CEO Tom Enders, given the announced many problems consequences. “We have not delivered the performance that we wanted and I have to apologize for it,” the manager said on Wednesday in a speech in London, such as the “Financial Times” reported.

It will in Management and place in the organization consequences Enders announced. A spokesman for the company’s statements.

confirmed “effects as low as possible”

Previously had the “Handelsblatt” reported Airbus review in light of the continuing problems of the A400M measures. In addition to investigating the causes, that applies also to the cost of the delays, the paper said.

was Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) Airbus recently sharply criticized and because of delivery delay in the A400M that the Group must do everything possible to minimize the consequences for the Bundeswehr as low as possible.

Germany has 53 copies ordered

The new transport aircraft solve the up to 46-year-old “Transall” from which is used by the Air Force as a “workhorse in air transport”. Overall, Germany has ordered 53 copies. 40 of which receives the Bundeswehr, 13 are to be resold.

The Royal Air Force presented Enders scheduled for delivery this year seven of the transport aviators in view. “Airbus is working hard to deliver the aircraft as soon as possible.”

Video: Here is flying the first Bundeswehr transport aircraft from Airbus


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