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After Charlie Hebdo-criticism: Daimler works council threatens impeachment – Stuttgarter Zeitung

After Charlie Hebdo-criticism: Daimler works council threatens impeachment – Stuttgarter Zeitung

From SIR / dpa 23rd January 2015 – 12:03 clock

A Daimler works from the plant in Rastatt threatens impeachment because of his criticism of Charlie Hebdo.

A Daimler works council threatens impeachment proceedings. Photo: dpa
A Daimler works council threatens to impeach Photo: AP

Rastatt – A council in Rastatt Daimler plant threatens impeachment proceedings for statements. about the attack on the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”. Both works council and IG Metall and companies wishing to seek the dismissal of workers’ representative to the labor court in Karlsruhe. This was confirmed by all three sides on Friday. Previously, local media reported it. The council was informed on Thursday evening about his decision


The man did with comments on his private Facebook page as “Everyone pays for his actions! Some sooner, some later … Fuck Charlie Hebdo “caused an uproar in the workforce, it was said at the IG Metall. These were the union believes far beyond a normal expression beyond. They pointed to an attitude towards that “justifies murder as a legitimate means in political debate.” In the attack on the French satirical magazine twelve people were on 7 January in Paris was killed by Islamists.

union and works council had asked the man to distance itself from the remarks. He got rejected, said the chairman of the council Ullrich Zinnert. But a works council have the legal mandate to stand in operation for equality and democratic rights, established the first representative of IG Metall in Gaggenau, Claudia Peter the procedure.

If the dismissal before the labor court success, loses the man works his post for which he was released, but may return to the same job again. Other consequences not threaten: opinions expressed on Facebook and other social media are private, said a Daimler spokesman. Prerequisite for employment consequences are clearly related to the employment relationship as well as a violation of the labor law obligations. “This is not the case here.” A process of elimination from the IG Metall is not currently provided by the words of a speaker. The case will still checked


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