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5.4 billion euros: Airport CEO called Puncture Airport BER “cheap” – ABC Online

5.4 billion euros: Airport CEO called Puncture Airport BER "cheap" – ABC Online

Sunday, 25.01.2015, 09:27
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Escalating costs, postponed opening dates – Berlin BER airport is one of the largest margins construction sites, there has ever been in Germany. However, everything pessimism is the outgoing BER CEO Hartmut Mehdorn. He sees the chalet Aster as a kind of bargain.

The head of the Berlin Airport Company has rejected criticism of the increased costs of major airport BER. There was talk prevarication of a cost explosion, said Hartmut Mehdorn the “Welt am Sonntag”. “There are no additional costs, there are more Airport.” The BER was initially designed for 17 million passengers per year, with construction costs of 2.4 billion. “Now we are building for 27 million passengers per year at a cost of 5.4 billion euros. Measured by the BER is a low-cost airport, “said the airport manager.

completion in the fall of 2017″ absolutely safe “

The completion of the Capital Airport to the announced by him appointment in autumn 2017 Mehdorn called “absolutely safe”. “We now have a precise schedule, which is precise and transparent.” And we have made significant progress of construction. 39 of 40 airport buildings were finished and ready for use. “Now we are working at the main terminal. But the rest of work that has to be done, is always manageable. “Will the dimension of the BER is not extended once,” are also the 5.4 billion euro range. “

After wrangling had with the Supervisory Board Mehdorn surprisingly declared in December last year his resignation from the job of Chairman of the Board of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH. He said he would long remain on board until a successor was found, but no later excrete 30 June 2015.

control “was totally absent”

The former head of Deutsche Bahn and Air Berlin had been appointed head of the affected turbulence airport company in March 2013. Mehdorn renewed his criticism of the Supervisory Board of the airport company. He had allegedly wanted in the past year without knowledge Mehdorn a successor, which was confirmed, however, never. “There is speculation about a successor to the BER bosses, and there is no clarification, no denial. Nothing. Not only for this reason, I had a problem with this board, “said Mehdorn.

He also spoke of fundamental errors in the design and construction of the airport. “I would set from the beginning to a general contractor. So we had the event that Meinhard von Gerkan worked as an architect for the construction supervision. Ideally, these are two separate items that monitor each other. The missing entirely. “

allegations of Brandenburg authorities

Then the acting airport manager also made the Brandenburg authorities allegations regarding the fire regulations:” In the case of airports Frankfurt or Munich is the smallest room, the needs in the event of a fire, a smoke exhaust system, 200 square meters. In the case of BER which already applies to rooms with 20 square meters – for practically every broom closet, “said Mehdorn

Video: Corruption scandal at the margins airport BER

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