Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Federal Employment Agency recognized billion surplus –

Federal Employment Agency recognized billion surplus –

Date: 31/12/2014 10:01 clock

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) is able to announce a billion-dollar surplus again. In 2014, financed by contributions from employers and employees unemployment have made a surplus of 1.4 billion euros, said BA chief executive Frank-Jürgen Weise Deutsche Presse-Agentur. The federal agency’s finances had “developed very solid,” said manner. Originally, the BA had expected for 2014, with a surplus of 160 million euros.

revenue increased significantly

In 2014, the federal agency has benefited from the increased inter alia to record high employment in Germany. The number of social insurance contributions had grown annual average increase of about 500,000 and had ensured that the premium income was 300 million euros over the original estimate. Because of the mild winter and expenditure for the season Kurzarbeitergeld had turned out to be less than budgeted.

In contrast, subject expenditure on unemployment compensation last year by 700 million euros over previous plans. One reason is that short-term unemployed were without a job for more than a year earlier. Was unemployed in 2013 on average after 130 days of work, there were 2,014 ten days more. Each day, the average duration of unemployment climb, the federal agency would cost 60 million euros a year more. “We have to ask ourselves: How can we help unemployed faster in employment.” Said manner

reserves are not sufficient for a crisis

The surplus of 1.4 billion euros to flow into the reserves after Sage words; the BA-financial cushion in times of crisis grows so to 3.3 billion euros. Severe economic crises that could make similar as in 2008 a multibillion dollar short-time program is required, thus but could not cope, acknowledged manner. “For long economic crises of the federal agency threatens a financial gap 20-30 billion euros,” said BA chief.


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