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Wüstenmstrom initiative Desertec fighting for survival – Tagesspiegel

Wüstenmstrom initiative Desertec fighting for survival – Tagesspiegel

18:52 clock Kevin P. Hoffmann

The Desert Power Consortium shows signs of disintegration. Well, five years after its establishment, the shareholder corporations could decide the off at a meeting in Rome. A financial risk threatens even of quite a different page

Berlin – The weather for the funeral to be cheerful: Few clouds, 25 degrees, the forecast for Rome is next Monday. It could be the day that their joint efforts to produce renewable at the leading industrial and financial groups in Europe, Africa, Arabia, the USA and China energies in regions sun officially set. There, in the neo-classical Villa Miani on a green hill, representatives of billions corporations will discuss whether they again muster together a measly two million euros to their Founded five years ago Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) to finance another year.

As you can hear, they want the majority do not.

A spokesman for the Dii confirmed a report in the core of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. At least the supporters groups have not been able to agree in advance on previous form a continuation of the Dii. That still the case, it would first be the end for the Dii-office in Munich, where today create some 15 experts under the leadership of the Dutchman Paul van Son studies, maintain contacts with the coordination of green power projects in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) help. Dii-founding director van Son himself had announced a month ago in the Tagesspiegel interview that he goes to the year for RWE to Dubai. At the meeting in Rome but there is more at stake than two million euros and the careers of those who leaves van Son:. It is also about the prestige of leading German DAX companies

So, representatives of the reinsurer Munich Re, the energy provider RWE, Deutsche Bank and other solemnly signed a declaration in the summer of 2009, in which they describe a long-term vision: By the year 2050, in the desert regions around the Mediterranean around 400 billion euros will be invested to produce renewable electricity . In the room was the idea that one can climate-friendly produce enough energy to supply not only the countries themselves, but also with submarine cables to carry enough current to Europe to cover about 15 percent of the demand here.

The companies said at that time about 40 years. After only five they run out of breath. Some, such as Siemens and Bosch are jumped before. Eon and HSH Nordbank had announced they were pulling out of the year several months ago. Meanwhile, new Desertec supporters have been added, for example, ACWA Power of Saudi Arabia, a strong financial conglomerate, which would support the coordinating role of the Dii in Germany gladly. Even the world’s largest power company China State Grid was entered late. Other companies, including major enterprises like Schott had himself promised more of the Dii -. Especially concrete orders

In the Dii has always stressed that we do not understand it as a task to develop concrete projects. “Meanwhile, in the region already 68 renewable energy projects with a total capacity of three gigawatts,” said spokesman Klaus Schmidtke Dii on Wednesday. “We can post for us already, that we have pushed the issue of desert power, even if we ourselves were not directly involved in every project.” He also did not assume that the desert current idea is dead, even if the Dii will not survive in the previous form. Even after the shareholders ‘meeting on Monday scheduled in Rome annual experts’ conference should take place as usual.

The Dii is apparently also financially threatened by the other side. So it is said that Paul van Sons former co-CEO Aglaia Wieland have now filed a lawsuit against the consortium. According to unconfirmed sources encourages a total of around 350,000 euros on the grounds that they had terminated their formal incorrect in July 2013. “Should the Dii pay this sum, which would be the end,” said one insider.


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