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TV criticism hard but fair: train drivers, blackmail, hostage Gangster – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

TV criticism hard but fair: train drivers, blackmail, hostage Gangster – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



                          View as “blackmail” from? GDL chief Claus Weselsky with striking drivers colleagues


A so trivial a matter as a strike outside walls of operation brings the Germans in violent flashes. When pilots or train drivers refuse to work on mobile clients, even intellectuals to be Furies. “Now we are thus back to the platforms and freeze” blustered recently Roland Tichy, Chairman of the venerable Ludwig-Erhard-Foundation. “Thank you, union German train drivers that you take Germany’s people and economy hostage.” Tichy is still never noticed by special restraint, but now he put two riot shoveling it: The readers of his blog “insight” was the occasion of the insurrection in the asked last week, “to ask any engineer to task if he is in the engineer gang here.”


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 Thiemo Heeg Author:. Thiemo Heeg, born in 1966, editor in business

Tichy would therefore have been the ideal choice for Frank Plasbergs talk show “Tough but fair”, which clothed his formulation in question form on Monday evening: Are we hostages of the mini-unions? You would at RTL and in a scripted reality soap, Tichy’s part would have been clear: storming towards his opponent Claus Weselsky, confront him if he is in the engineer gang here. Yes, the chairman of the trade union GDL would then have to sheepishly admit that I’m even the gang leader. Perhaps Tichy in the Eastern socialized learned-rail vehicle locksmith felt then indeed rhetorical, but not physically grown. Or he devoted himself to long again another Aufregerthema, we do not know. His part had to occupy at least different, and they did it with the same relentless dedication.


drivers and their “holy war”

A real editor, Ulrich Reitz from the “Focus” had ever miss in the latest issue of his magazine Weselsky precaution, the top note 6 and let him be accused of “power hungry” . With his “ego trip” and a “blackmail potential” that will “shamelessly exploited” the GDL boss have the “Terrible” deserved. We especially liked Reitz a set of Weselskys predecessor Manfred Schell: “The stands up, as he would call for a holy war.” The “Focus” man with pleasurable connoisseur: “This is a word that is currently only available from other contexts knows. “


For more headwind, already a veritable hurricane blew Weselsky opposed by the SPD General Secretary Yasmin Fahimi. SPD? Is not the party that is closely related to the unions? Yes, just so. On its homepage announced the 46-year-old “union work and SPD belong together in my understanding of politics.” Around one and a half decades Fahimi worked for the Mining, Chemical and Energy. Your significant other is the IG BCE chairman Michael Vassiliadis. The GDL chairman Claus Weselsky other hand they seem to perceive at best as a red cloth. Fahimis concise opinion goes like this: The strike by train drivers is divisive. If everyone only strike themselves, undermines and weakens the community idea of ​​strong unions.


When politicians to corporate speakers are

This view can attach, especially if you want a grand coalition just choose a law on collective bargaining unit, the major unions preferably in collective bargaining. But Fahimi shot verbally several times over the top. She spoke the GDL boss from the honesty. And when they spoke of a blackmail Deutsche Bahn to host Plasberg wondered: The spokeswoman for the company could not be better formulate


The third Weselsky-Basher Thomas Selter was a guest. He is a hugely popular talk show contact for editors, if you are looking for a voice out of the economy. Finally, it has therefore succeeds perfectly to mimic an entrepreneur, because he himself is one. Selter leads as managing the knitting needle manufacturer Gustav Selter GmbH, presumably the last company of its kind in Germany. Who holds the Gustav Selter GmbH for a curiosity, should ‘take a look at TV presence seltzer. The list is impressive: At Anne Will he talked about poverty in old age, with Günther Jauch on “Press the rich?” In Maybrit Illner the question haunted him

“traps with the limits of the wages?”

fear of public hostage

And now the railway strike. Selter has as mostly a clear opinion. He was even now quite a few years here, and he knew how earlier were the strikes. Today it was still chaos, and the public will taken hostage. This Selter had fulfilled his part, said word from the key question had fallen, but Selter had long since missed all knitting needles. Some already speak of an impending recession, “we run in a much more difficult time”, and then some might “do with relatively little effort havoc.”


If the GDL on strike about a week, could the – as he had read, but of course did not know whether it’s true – 100 million euro cost on the day. Selters’ indignant conclusion: “If any blackmailer extorted the web to make a million, he is chased by the whole country. And when 100 million are set in the sand on the day, find all perfectly normal. That can not be right. “


Weselsky smiled slyly and embarrassed at the same time. And knew in that moment just before the end of the broadcast that he had actually lost at least this talk. The former Interior Minister Gerhart Baum, the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit represents as a lawyer, had been of little help. But on arguments it is even now not more. This week, the German must expect extensive strike action on the track expected to be back. And then someone speaks certainly again with conviction of extortion and hostage taking.


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Television Criticism: tough but fair

drivers, blackmail, hostage Gangster

From Thiemo Heeg

The strikes of small unions as GDL and cockpit affect millions of people in Germany. As some critics go too easily by the rhetorical Gaul.

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