Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tube strike: GDL strike nationwide from 21 clock – Spiegel Online

Tube strike: GDL strike nationwide from 21 clock – Spiegel Online

Frankfurt – The German train drivers union (GDL) is continuing its work battle continued in the wage dispute with Deutsche Bahn: It has called its members to a nationwide and nationwide strike – from Tuesday evening 21 clock until Wednesday morning 6 clock. This was announced by GDL spokeswoman Gerda Seibert early Tuesday morning.

Stationary to distance and regional trains, freight trains and which are operated by Deutsche Bahn commuter trains. Called the strike are not only train drivers, but also train conductors, board restaurateurs and dispatchers in all railway transport company Deutsche Bahn.

The drivers require five percent more money and shortened by two hours weekly working time. Negotiations to have failed, however, that the GDL will also negotiate for the rest of the staff in the train, as for train attendants and dining car employees. This represents so far the much larger Railway and Transport union (ECG) – and it has no interest in leaving the negotiations of the GDL. The railway rejects the efforts of the GDL.

On Thursday, after the recent strikes the GDL a ballot on an indefinite industrial action had ended. 91 percent of the approximately 20,000 members voted for new strikes.


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