Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Train driver strikes lead early as Wednesday morning to train cancellations – Frankfurter Rundschau

Train driver strikes lead early as Wednesday morning to train cancellations – Frankfurter Rundschau

The GDL again threatens strike Photo: Paul tines.

The GDL again threatens strike. Photo: Paul tines


train passengers must change jobs again this Wednesday: The drivers want to leave long-distance and regional trains and S-Bahn. Because of a replacement schedule of the train already covered on Wednesday morning numerous connections from.

Deutsche Bahn passengers must be set for a re-train drivers strike as early as Wednesday morning on cancellations and delays. In the deadlocked pay dispute their members the train drivers’ union GDL called for a nationwide 14-hour walkout on – from 14.00 clock clock on Wednesday until 4:00 am Thursday morning. In the web in the long-distance traffic is already applies because the advertised train drivers strike on Wednesday from 0:00 clock to a replacement schedule. Already in the morning fall from numerous trains. Affected the long-distance and regional services, as well as commuter trains and the freight.

Travelers could valid on Wednesday train since Tuesday evening, available from the website of the web over the normal timetable, informed the Group with. Where the strike itself leads to cancellations and delays, but it may be known only at the beginning of the labor dispute at 14.00 clock, said a railway spokesman. . According to experience, significant restrictions are possible even after the end of the strike

The German railway refused substantive collective bargaining with the German train drivers union (GDL), criticized the president Claus Weselsky – an accusation that the train had rejected until Tuesday. “The DB requires us actually, that is the feet hold still until we are legally abolished,” Weselsky, who pointed out a law on collective bargaining unit, the plans, the federal government said.

The German railway criticized the recent strike as totally incomprehensible. The walkout bring both sides in the matter no further, the company said. “The GDL should negotiate rather than strike.” Once again rejected the web the allegation that she did not negotiate content with the train drivers.

It was not until the night of Wednesday last week a nine hour strike paralyzed rail traffic and even during the day yet led to numerous delays and outages. The GDL calls for five percent more money and a two-hour shorter working week.

The train drivers’ union wants to negotiate for train, board caterers and planners that coordinate in the control centers trains and staff. She rivals the larger Railway and Transport union (ECG). However the railway intends to prevent competing collective agreements, so far failed negotiations

Weselsky stressed:.. “Employers know that we are willing to make concessions on substantive negotiations” Previously had attacked the train again sharply on Tuesday. To the union members he wrote: “We have to experience together, such as the management of the DB is in an incredibly perfidious nature heaven and hell in motion to quash our legitimate demands for protection against overloading of the train crew.”

The drivers were “found to be insubordinate, greedy and threatening the social peace of the country separatists in the corner,” complained Weselsky. “So we will make in the bargaining round in 2014, a once and for all.” He added: “The deliberate attempt to discredit your national chairman as egomaniac goes thoroughly into the pants,” he writes in a union magazine. (AP)


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