Monday, October 13, 2014

Trader for Deutsche Bank terminate because they should behave well – RP ONLINE

Trader for Deutsche Bank terminate because they should behave well – RP ONLINE

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German Bank

terminate dealer because they should behave well

Germany’s biggest money House is embroiled in a series of scandals. PHOTO: AP, rho axs htf

Bangalore. The German bank plans to pay merchants in top positions will no bonuses and other special payments more if they “sparked unrest” or not be a team player. That seems so do not even like some of those affected.

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The German bank was not immediately be reached to comment. Germany’s biggest money house is entangled in a series of scandals. Provisions for litigation should at the end be about three billion euros, as the Board has indicated on several occasions.

Among other things, has yet a penalty of Anglo-Saxon regulators because of trickery in interest rates. Individual traders had, according to the investigations discussed in interest rates as Libor and Euribor to to pocket gains from trade.

As the “Financial Times further reported, considering the British banking giant Barclays similar steps as the German competitor., This bonus system had been cited as one of the key factors that triggered the Libor scandal Barclays declined to comment on the report ot

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