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Schmidt vs. Gabriel: With the request for intelligent answers – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Schmidt vs. Gabriel: With the request for intelligent answers – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



                          Saw is exposed to harsh criticism: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt


After about a half hour, the writer Ingo Schulze, the mood in the audience summed up aptly. The dispute between Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt Berlin made him skeptical, Schulze said. The input speech by billionaire in Silicon Valley was suspicious namely sheepishly. Eric Schmidt has talked a lot of worries, stresses the uncertainty of the future. Here, the progress is quite a different: Google is still an incredible company


If you had twenty years ago Schulze tells it – he would not have believed that all of the facts that created Google could become a reality. In addition, in the field of action of a single company.


Each story can have two courses

So the writers resorted to, which Sigmar Gabriel opened the evening: Google is the most unusual, most successful and most valuable company in the world. It “leaves no one indifferent,” said the Vice-Chancellor. The promise of freedom associated with the Google services was unthinkable twenty years ago. Yet he also knew now that every story can have two courses.


The opportunities inherent dangers lived: for data sovereignty of the individual, the social market economy and “the survival of the democratic polity”. Commentators have described it impressively, as they of “mineral rights on people” talking or clarifying how “people to objects” would, ipso facto, that company zuführten their profile and behavior data unbridled machines.


More about

Today, it turned Gabriel out, should again be discussed on how to communicate with each other securely and confidentially . And, although the post and telecommunications is actually a fundamental and inalienable right that directly from human dignity, so be inferred the first article of the Basic Law. It is time to empower the people again, Gabriel said. But one working in Europe at the General Data Protection Regulation and care is a “European Data Architecture”, which he wanted to do with the new European Commission.


the same care also applies the market economy, Gabriel said. Had you ever heard too much on the demanding voices praising the Neuer Markt, Germany today would be a poor country, he said. Therefore it go in all praise of the digital economy never just about innovation, but also to integration. The new must be made fruitful, without destroying the existing. Germany should sit at the head of the movement in Europe and accept the change without fear and make.


From dreamers and doers

The next presentation by Eric Schmidt then, however, did not address a single one of the mentioned points of Sigmar Gabriel. Instead, Eric Schmidt spoke about dreamers and doers, the belief in innovation; have brought a repetition of the achievements of the first Industrial Revolution, the prosperity, shorter working hours, higher life expectancy and good wages. He was doing to the people, the only benefit as a user of Google services, said Schmidt. So there is neither a phenomenon that Google itself out as new gatekeepers in the digital world, yet essential infrastructure agency.


Schmidt believes: Google’s success story was repeated at any time by others. The data sovereignty of the individual is already given, since each could erase its data track on Google per click. Privacy is his company’s most important Schmidt stressed around the end with sharp words to appeal to the intelligence that had attacked his company.





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Kept more lectures, held to discuss: Schmidt (. R) and Economy Minister Gabriel






                                                                                                  Google Executive Chairman Schmidt and German Economy Minister Gabriel speak falling on a panel  discussion in Berlin
                                          instead of discussing Kept more lectures: Schmidt (. R) and Economy Minister Gabriel




But only the questions from the audience managed to resolve the straightness of the lectures and approached the remarks of the two speakers of reality: Gerd Billen, State Secretary in the Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs Ministry, asked about the possible preference of Google services before competitors do in-house search engine, which is currently being investigated by the European Commission. Robert Maier, who counts as an entrepreneur with complainants in the process, asked why Google was not willing to pay taxes in Germany.


There were asked questions about how Google fusioniere user data in order to analyze them can. It was criticized that Erich Schmidt outer on the algorithms of his business as if he or another employee nothing to do with them. Google had no contact. For the availability of apps in Google’s Android operating system only opaque rules would apply. What remains for the middle class, if the “smart creatives” the fate certain, as Eric Schmidt have described it in his book for the next economy?


“prompt to regulate”

The social scientist Harald Welzer used his remarks no longer a question of substance, but criticized only the preceding answers Schmidt: He wanted to “a more intelligent response” to the questions, he said.


Ultimately then used Sigmar Gabriel the call for questions, were to be expected on this evening of Eric Schmidt replies. On the one hand he opened the privacy problem – because, that applies not only to the protection of informational self-determination and of personal rights, but to get any insight into the workings of Google


After Schmidt then on one of the questions evasively answered, and said to abiding by the law, Gabriel declared: “So this is a call for regulation.” If Google claiming to comply with laws, rather than build trust in other ways, “We need to change the law so that we can daily in the algorithms.”


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Schmidt vs. Gabriel

With the request for intelligent answers


Does a more aggressive economic ministers on a subdued Google Executive Chairman Sigmar Gabriel and Eric Schmidt arguing in Berlin about future risks and the survival of democracy. The public remains clueless.

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